An Interview With Owner at Wit’s End Brewery

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About Wits End! 

A perk of being a nano brewery is the flexibility to experiment with new batches. Denver’s Wit’s End Brewery is classified as a nano brewery because it operates on a barrel system. Instead of towering barrels the beer is brewed in barrels a fraction of the size.  Wit’s End is proof you don’t need the stealthiest equipment to make some of the best beer in the mile high.

Eager customers at Denver’s Wits End Brewery have a reason to come back with new recipes constantly being tapped. Made fresh to order this month- the Ambition Stout. The coffee brew gives equal attention to coffee as it does beer.

Owner and head brew master of Wits End Brewery, Scott Witsoe, says the beer fits his personality. “I am a coffee guy, from Seattle.” The brewery location also speaks Seattle, located in an industrial park warehouse just off I-25 and 6th Ave. “In Seattle there are lots of underground breweries that aren’t set up in the most obvious places. That seems to be part of the fun,” says Witsoe. Trying to save on costs Witsoe grabbed the space after loosing his job last year.

With less than a six-month turn around to greet Denver, Witsoe barley had time to keep beer in the forefront. One week away from his advertised opening date, Witsoe realized he was lacking three key ingredients- hops, yeast and grains. Overnighting hops and yeast and snapping up grains in state and from the friendly guys at Strange Brewing, he was staying on track, barely. The doors opened just in time to greet the craft beer loving crowds of GABF last fall. “I haven’t even had a second to regret the decision,” says Witsoe.

Witsoe’s passion is paying off with new customers eager to drink his beer and regulars spreading the word. On tap you will find four core beers along with an experimental brew. Witsoe sees the influx of breweries dotting Colorado maps as a reason to celebrate. “We are all unique. We have to hold true to what we do. I make what I find inspiring not because I need a certain product to match other breweries.”

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Wits End Brewing Company

(303) 359-9119

2505 West 2nd Avenue #13 Denver

Th. 4-8 p.m.

Fri & Sat. 2-8 p.m.


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4th of July in the Mile High!

If you are celebrating 4th of July in the Mile High check out these activities.

  1. Watch the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for free at Civic Center Park on July 3. Don’t forget a blanket and picnic!
  2. Head to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 6-8. There will be more than 230 local, national and international artists showcasing painting, sculptures, mixed media photography and jewelry.
  3. Cheer on the Colorado Rapids as they take on the Vancouver White on July 4th There will be a spectacular fireworks display over Dicks Sporting Goods Park.
  4. Pan for Gold at the Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration at Four Mile Park. Civil War canyon firings, horse drawn carriage rides and homemade treats are also part of the fun!
  5. Check out a show at Red Rocks! The star-studded line up includes Blues Travel and the Fitz Tantrumson on July 4th!
  6. Run the Liberty 4-mile run at Wash Park on July 4th Remember to wear red, white and blue! BBQ and Beverages to follow!

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Photos from Denver Color Run!

10,000 anxious runners lined up across a start line in Denver’s City Park all wearing similar attire on May 26th. White shirts are must if you are participating in the Color Run. Speakers jammed with upbeat music on a beautiful Colorado day to welcome runners to the happiest 5k on the planet. The event was not timed- fun overrides score keeping.

At each 1k mark runners roll through a color zone and are drenched with a powdery substance. By the end of the race runners were splashed with turquoise, purple, yellow, pink and green. After crossing the finish line runners celebrated thier new vibrant style in front of a jam packed stage. Runners danced to music and reached high to grab individual bags packed with more powdered color. On cue, those with bags in hand sprayed the color into the air sprinkling the crowd with more shades.
Proceeds of Denver’s Run will help color the world of patients at Children’s Hospital.

To check out 13 dates colored in through July check out

Photos taken by Nicole Marcelli

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I Love you Your’re Perfect Now Change playing at Garner Galliera

The musical comedy, ‘I Love You Your Perfect Now Change’ creates hilarious sketches evolving from awkward first dates all the way to life well after kids. Witty songs spell out the way husbands, wives and in-laws interact and sometimes manage to put up with each other. Upbeat original music and situational comedy make the show spark.

Four engaging actors- Daniel Langhoff, Robert Michael Sanders, Lauren Shealy and Shannon Steele bring grace and talent to the stage. Performers take on the lives of more than 20 characters in the fast paced two-hour show. Roll over with laughter as they illustrate the trials and tribulations of dealing with the opposite sex. From parents who baby talk to the injustice of men spending a full day at the shopping mall when all their significant other needed was a pair of kicks- you will find several relatable moments.

The set design is a show in itself. Half of the 360-degree stage rotates out of audience view so stagehands can dress up the next scene. Come the next act, it’s ready to spin right on out. This keeps the show moving right along ensuring you are entertained 60 seconds of every minute. Creative concepts transform the stage to a movie theater, Cantina, funeral home and even a jail.

I Love You Your Perfect Now Change 

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Tickets available at:

Plays through Aug 19, 2012

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Expedition Health at DMNS

Take part in a research study guided by the National Institute of Health

Take part in a research study guided by the National Institute of Health

Expedition Health at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science takes a hands on approach to explain how the human body works. The exhibit’s theme, personal to Colorado, shows how the body adapts climbing to the summit of a 14,000 foot peak. At the beginning of the exhibit, you will choose an expedition buddy who was monitored while climbing Mount Evans. Through their real life experiences you will learn about exercise physiology and heart rate.

You will also have the chance to engage in interactive activities that show how your own body reacts to physical activity and climate change. At the entrance you are given a card to track your body’s reactions during activities like peddling on a bicycle.

Another section is Biology Basecamp, where visitors put on lab coats to play the part of a scientist. After taking a cheek swab you can look at your own cells through a microscope. Visitors can also test common breakfast cereals for protein and sugar content.

You can also take part in a research study called The Genetics of Taste. The study tests if your genes play a role in your ability to taste a bitter substance called propylthiouracil.

Here are the steps to taking part in the study.

1. Fill out a quick questionnaire

2. Swap your cheek for a DNA Sample

3. Taste a thin piece of paper to see if you can taste the propylthiouracil- a bitter substance

4. Measure height and weight

5. Paint your tongue blue! By doing this the taste buds stay pink so researchers can count them after taking a picture.

Visit for more information and tickets

*Tickets included with general admission

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Wildest Weather in the Solar System

Courtesy National Geographic

Courtesy National Geographic

Take a thrilling voyage to the center of the Solar system. Wildest Weather in the Solar System is playing at the Denver Museum on Nature and Science through June 14. From your seat in the Gates Planetarium you will see some of the most dramatic, destructive and mysterious weather in the solar system.

Jump aboard “Arion,” a ship that will swiftly fly through hail storms as large as boulders, dodge the lightning bolts of Jupiter and breeze through the wild winds of Neptune. Each stop tells a story of miraculous weather. You won’t want to miss this adventurous ride.


Through June 14, 2012

Mon – Thurs: 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.

Fri – Sun: 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.

Run Time:25 minutes

– Members: $7 for adults, $6 for juniors (ages 3-18) and seniors.

For Nonmembers: $10 for adults, $8 for juniors and seniors.

Visit to purchase tickets.

*Check for showtimes after June 14, 2012.”


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