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Skirt Chaser 5k Pumps Added Adrenaline

I have never felt so much adrenaline right off the bat as I did in the Skirt Chaser 5k. The race took off from Sports Authority Field at Mile High Saturday evening. Ladies started the race and three minutes later the guys took off. Let the chase begin!

Of course, in my wildest dreams my shoes would scurry across the finish line before the boys caught up. In an attainable dream, I wanted to make it the one mile mark before one of the tough guys passed me. Didn’t happen…but it sure made me push harder. Plus, I figured my new Wonder Dress compliments of Skirt Sports would give me the need for speed!

Following the finsh was one heckuva expo! Local food companies such as LOVE burritos, Justin’s Nut Butter, Rush Bowls, White Girl Salsa and Sosi’s Dips all sampled fabulous made from scratch products. Avery Beer also provided two brews to each participant that was 21 plus. Other vendors sported deals on everything from innovative water bottles and stylish running belts to hold essential items while you are on the pavement. Plus, ‘That 80’s band,’ rocked the house down long after our heart rates came down from the chase. 

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If you missed this years event you can still check out to find hip gear from running skirts, vests and even rockin’ dresses!


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Red Rocks, Boulder

It’s rare to find a creation as magnificent as the Red Rocks in Boulder. It mirrors a mini Garden of the Gods. The formations are stunning to look at and even more fun to explore. Hikers are welcome to climb to the top of the rocks to see exceptional views. It feels a little like a gigantic playground in the big backyard of Boulder. The Red Rocks Loop is only .7 miles so come one come all! The trail head starts at Settlers’ Park, named after the first American prospectors. About 24 people set up shop at th

e base of Red Rocks in 1858 in search of gold. They were on to something because $100,000 worth of gold was discovered. Word spread and many rushed to the area to see if they too would find luck. The Red Rocks Trail climbs through the ‘ole mining camp. There is a network of short trails that take off in many directions if you are looking to challenge yourself. The luck of finding riches here may have dried out but the wealth you will find in the beauty is worth even more. 

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Living Social Adventures brings new entertainment to Denver

Living Social Adventures splash excitement on the palette of life. The adventure side is an addition to an online website, Living Social, that offers screaming daily deals. Th

e company acquired Urban Escapes last fall to offer “better idea” actives. Living Social Adventures took off to bring wild deals to cities where people jump on the chance to have fun. Of course, Denver topped the list (whoop whoop!) and activities have hit every spectrum: sushi making & sake tasting, vinyasa and vino, and shooting and drinking. All the work is done for you; the only hard part is to snag the deal while spots are still open.

The latest was the Living Social Halloween Adventure Race in Boulder, CO on October 29th and 30th. Teams of five raced from the Avery Brewery with a map in hand across Boulder Bike Paths and to the Boulder Canyon where exhilarating activities kept the adrenaline flowing. Participant’s zip lined across a creek and rappelled down a 60-foot cliff! No need to freak out (even if it’s Halloween themed), professionals from a Boulder based outdoor company, Apex Ex, provided gear, instruction and comfort to those whose hearts flopped when they looked down the cliff they were about to rappel down.

On the map there are optional challenges to complete that aren’t revealed until the horn signals! Teams take pictures to prove they completed the outrageous and whacky challenges that deduct time from your actual time to give you a better chance at winning the hefty prize! Examples include recruiting people to form a Congo line, the more people the more time is shaved. Another was to buy a pumpkin and ride it on back, the bigger the pumpkin the bigger the time advantage for your team! There is even a chance to perform a good deed: pick a flower and give it to a grandparent.

By signing up for a Living Social Adventure you are looking at a day with creative fun you won’t find anywhere else. Denver is staffed with an eccentric group that has mastered brainstorming events that place fun as the priority. The next Adventure has been released with a ninja theme (nun chucks not required) To claim your spot visit:

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Rush Bowls

It’s easy to grab a healthy meal on the go. Rush – Naturally Enlightened in Boulder is selling more than just traditional smoothies. A Rush Bowl is an all –natural blend of fruit that is served a little differently. At the two Boulder storefronts you can get them made fresh with all kinds of healthful goodies and topped with granola and honey. You can also find them in any Whole Foods Market pre-made and ready to grab-n-go from your own freezer anytime. You can walk in and out with a substantial meal lickity split. This company’s mission is to use only pure, all natural ingredients and never artificial additives, preservatives or sweeteners.
The bright idea came from Andrew Pudalov, who relocated to Boulder with his family after spending 15 years in New York City’s financial sector. Ready for a new kind of risk, he opened up the first shop on the Hill in ’04. The crowds rallied and it was soon time for store number two. The lines were still wrapping around the corner, so Andrew and his team developed the frozen grab-n-go line of Rush Bowls to get customers in and out quicker. Once Whole Foods caught wind of their popularity, it wasn’t long before the Bowls were stocked in the freezer section of their markets.
There are five Bowls to choose from. The Acai Beach Bowl is full of pure guava juice, acai berries, mango and banana. How simple when every ingredient is identifiable! There are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy free options available and anything in the two Boulder storefronts can be custom made to cater to any and all dietary needs.
The Vice President of the company, Nicole Shapiro, describes Andrew as a “big picture guy.” This must be true because these Bowls have caught on quickly and are sold at Whole Food stores throughout several regions and other markets as well. The next time you are in a bind and don’t want to sacrifice flavor, or your health, know that Rush Bowls are on your side.
To see the full line of Rush products visit rush bowls here:

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Mount Sanitas Hike, Boulder

Mount Sanitas in Boulder delivers impressive views no matter the season. Whether running, biking or hiking your heart will sing as it beats with you up the steep grade. The hike is a quick 3.3 miles round trip and climbs over 2,000 feet.  You will summit just over 6,000 feet.

The trailhead is only five minutes from Boulder’s downtown and starts at the base of Sunshine Canyon. The path makes a loop. If you take the trail to the West you will climb a steeper grade. If you start to the East you will climb gradually on a wide path, called the Sanitas Valley Trail, and work your way to a steep grade about ¾ of a mile into the trek.

Either way you will come across rocky areas but don’t forget to take time to look around. You will sight Sunshine Canyon and Chautauqua Park on the western side of the trail. At the summit you will see views of Indian Peaks to the west and the city of Boulder to the east. The switchbacks coming down navigate through several boulders before coming to the spacious Sanitas Valley Trail. There also sandstone slabs along the trail that have become a favorite spot for bouldering.

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Directions to Trailhead:

The Mt Sanitas Trailhead is located on Mapleton Road in Boulder, Colorado. 

From Boulder, take Broadway to Mapleton Road and turn west. The Mt Sanitas Trailhead and roadside parking area is located just past the Mapleton Medical Center on the north side of the road.

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Royal Arch Hike, Boulder

The hike to the “Royal Arch” is so beautiful it’s even fit for royalty. It’s one of the many hikes in Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO. A rugged climb to the top will land you an up close look at the sheer beauty of the natural sandstone arch that makes the churning and burning worth it.

Getting to the top takes determination.  The four mile round trip journey starts in the lower foothills. A steady grade makes up the first mile.  Then the dirt terrain is replaced by boulders and stairs carved into rock as the elevation shoots sky high.  Reaching Sentinel Pass is gratifying, especially because it feels like the arch will be perched high on the Boulder Flatirons as soon as you summit. Instead, your excitement keeps bubbling as the road continues on for about a half mile.

Around a corner you will catch a glimpse of  the 20 foot wide “Royal Arch.” Whatever breath you have left, it will take. The backdrop of the Boulder foothills, eastern plains and even Denver makes for an even more impressive sight. All this for a hike that is a  “arch rival” to the many formations found in Arches National Park in Utah.

Directions to Chautauqua: From Highway 36, take the Baseline Road exit and turn left. Take Baseline Road west past 9th street and Chautauqua Park is on the left hand side. Turn left into Chautauqua Park. Overflow parking is also available along Baseline Road, south of the park entrance.

*From here there are plenty of trails to choose from, including “Royal Arch.”

Distance: Four Miles Round trip

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Columbia Muddy Buddy

A good vacation begins with the sand between your toes. The Columbia Muddy Buddy must be some kind of vacation because this rings true just one step into the race, which starts by running in the Boulder Reservoir.

This is a race that falls out of the ordinary. Founder, Bob Babbitt, generated the idea after running a race called the “Run and Tie.” Two partners switched off running and riding a horse. But if your hearts not pumping the entire time, something has got to change, especially if you are a seasoned athlete like Babbitt.

He liked the idea of partners constantly switching activities, but traded the horse for a bike. One partner on the bike, the other on foot for a total of six miles, facing challenges along the way.

Inflatable obstacles and slides, cargo nets and of course the signature mud pit. And there is no cheating on this one, banners lay low to the pit, forcing you to crawl through. No matter what, it keeps you on your sandy toes.

It’s a day Babbitt says is about “fitness, fun & giving back.” Babbitt knows firsthand the richness sports and fitness bring to your life. Growing up in Chicago, he calls himself the “organizer” of the gang. Orchestrating baseball games and outdoor activities made him a leader. His enthusiasm kept on and he landed a job teaching sports camps to kids. Babbitt eventually excelled further by bringing the glory of sports to disabled athletes.

Some of the proceeds from the Columbia Muddy Buddy benefit the Challenge Athletes Foundation, co-founded by Babbitt. He saw an urgent nee to help disabled athletes purchase prosthetic limbs that allow them to participate in sports like running, cycling, skiing and more. Adaptive equipment is extremely expensive and is often not covered by insurance because insurance companies don’t cover that type of prosthetic.

Enough money has been raised by the Challenge Athletes Foundation to grant 900 athletes running prosthetics. People like David Rozelle, one of the participants of this year’s Columbia Muddy Buddy, are able to stay in the game.

Rozelle lost his leg in Iraq eight years ago after he ran over a landmine in a humvee. He says when he looks in the mirror he misses his leg but with his running prosthetic he doesn’t have to miss running.

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 The Boulder, Colorado Muddy Buddy may be over until next year, but still check out:

Minneapolis, MN Aug, 28, 2011

Portland, OR Sep. 18, 2011

San Jose, CA Oct. 09, 2011

DaDallas, TX Oct. 16, 2011

Los Angeles, CA Nov. 6, 2011

Miami FL, Nov. 20, 2011

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