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Skirt Chaser 5k Pumps Added Adrenaline

I have never felt so much adrenaline right off the bat as I did in the Skirt Chaser 5k. The race took off from Sports Authority Field at Mile High Saturday evening. Ladies started the race and three minutes later the guys took off. Let the chase begin!

Of course, in my wildest dreams my shoes would scurry across the finish line before the boys caught up. In an attainable dream, I wanted to make it the one mile mark before one of the tough guys passed me. Didn’t happen…but it sure made me push harder. Plus, I figured my new Wonder Dress compliments of Skirt Sports would give me the need for speed!

Following the finsh was one heckuva expo! Local food companies such as LOVE burritos, Justin’s Nut Butter, Rush Bowls, White Girl Salsa and Sosi’s Dips all sampled fabulous made from scratch products. Avery Beer also provided two brews to each participant that was 21 plus. Other vendors sported deals on everything from innovative water bottles and stylish running belts to hold essential items while you are on the pavement. Plus, ‘That 80’s band,’ rocked the house down long after our heart rates came down from the chase. 

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If you missed this years event you can still check out to find hip gear from running skirts, vests and even rockin’ dresses!


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Merrell Down and Dirty

Hanging with some of the Army Volunteers who cheered us racers on at Merrell Down and Dirty

Hanging with some of the Army Volunteers who cheered us racers on at Merrell Down and Dirty

I am up and clean after the Merrell Down & Dirty rocked Aurora Sports Park yesterday. The race is especially unique because of the military personell volunteering at the race. At each obstacle they were there to not only encourage us but push us event if it meant push ups! My running quickly came to a stop as I approached an obstacle that required us to pick up two heavy sand bags and maneuver around cones. “Don’t slow your pace, come on and keep running.” I looked up at a man decked out in his full Army gear and realized he was right. Thinking of everything our miltary endures, I picked up those sand bags and ran through the next obstacle. At each checkpoint from there I looked forward to the tough encouragment. From climbing cargo nets, through tunnels and even sand I gained energy.

And boy was I ready for the after party. This is not event to head into with an agenda to speed out of. The grills are fired up and the speakers are blasting. Obstacle and adventure style races have to compete just as much as the next guy to get racers to this event. This family friendly course has definitely met it’s niche. 

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I also had the chance to interview Scott Roegner with Merrell Down and Dirty to find out what else makes this race stand out.

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Photos from Denver Color Run!

10,000 anxious runners lined up across a start line in Denver’s City Park all wearing similar attire on May 26th. White shirts are must if you are participating in the Color Run. Speakers jammed with upbeat music on a beautiful Colorado day to welcome runners to the happiest 5k on the planet. The event was not timed- fun overrides score keeping.

At each 1k mark runners roll through a color zone and are drenched with a powdery substance. By the end of the race runners were splashed with turquoise, purple, yellow, pink and green. After crossing the finish line runners celebrated thier new vibrant style in front of a jam packed stage. Runners danced to music and reached high to grab individual bags packed with more powdered color. On cue, those with bags in hand sprayed the color into the air sprinkling the crowd with more shades.
Proceeds of Denver’s Run will help color the world of patients at Children’s Hospital.

To check out 13 dates colored in through July check out

Photos taken by Nicole Marcelli

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Colorado’s Rugged Maniac Breaks Record

With creator of Rugged Maniac, Rob Dickens

With creator of Rugged Maniac, Rob Dickens

The Rugged Maniac in Lakewood, CO reached new heights and shattered a record in the process. Temperatures fell below 50 degrees F. making this race the coldest Rugged Maniac penciled into the books. The rain fell fast and steady, matching the heart beats of thousands of racers anxiously awaiting the start. BANG! And we were off, slipping, sliding, grinding with every bit of grit and determination we could muster to attack this Rugged Maniac!

Rolling dirt hills became muddy terrain providing no traction for racers. Rain soaked ropes meant to help racers summit steep hills became so slick they were tough to grip.  Splashing into pools to maneuver over lap lanes sent chills down participant’s mud covered bodies.

The Rugged Maniac is in the running for the toughest obstacle Run, With a course jam packed with obstacles racers have no time to catch their breath before it’s time to face a new fear. One of the most unique obstacles is the Normandy climb. Dive into underground tunnels with no lights or sound seeping through. After you make your way back onto ground, get ready for more.

Missed Colorado? To sign up for other nation-wide events visit Rugged

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Tough Mudder Tests Grit & Determination

Rule number one of the Tough Mudder- it’s a challenge not a race. This challenge has made a bold name for itself as one of the biggest and baddest. In fact, only 80% of participants finish. The course tests teamwork, toughness, fitness, strength and mental grit. Time is not of the essence- there is not even a clock to time participants. The point is to promote teamwork and camaraderie.  Finishing is a victory in it’s own right.

About the course: Distances range between 10 and 12 miles and are spiced up with challenges and obstacles. Although the exact challenges for each event are different- expect hills, mud, water, ropes, walls and a dance over fire. You will also come face to face with fears- whether it’s heights, claustrophobia or running through electrical wires. Yes, electrical wires. ZZZAAAP!
How did the Tough Mudder get so tough? The CEO of the company, Will Dean, was in Harvard Business School when he started visioning the race. A college professor snuffed his idea, telling people would shy away from participating if the race wasn’t timed. With fire still burning, he decided to keep on keeping on and put on a race in Allentown, PA in 2010. He didn’t quite meet his goal of 400 participants. Turns out, he far exceed it when over 5,000 people showed up to claim Tough Mudder status.
Since the inaugural race, the numbers of participants continues to grow so quickly it’s hard to keep up. This year, there are 35 scheduled events. With an ambitious team behind Tough Mudder, they thought why not double it? That’s right, next years slate includes 70 events including every state and several other countries.
Oldies but Goodies: 
If you are 80 years or older you race for free! Tough Mudder was so inspired after an 81-year-old man rocked the course and will be back out again this year. 

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Rugged Maniac set to take Denver by Storm

The set up for Rugged Maniac is no picnic in the park. The crew heads West a week before the race to start constructing the obstacles. “Our obstacles are some of the biggest and baddest,” says COO of Rugged Maniac, Rob Dickens. How could you argue when they are designed by Navy Seals?

Dickens says the intensity of the obstacles is similar to what you will find at Tough Mudder, with one exception.  “Rugged Maniac is a distance people can handle, so it’s more accessible to people.” The course zooms by with twenty obstacles packed into a 5k course. A new obstacle this year will challenge racers by climbing ladders up and over massive stacked shipping containers. They will also encounter the Normandy Crawl, reminiscent of World War II; guiding racers to climb under wires and through mud filled tubes. Not to worry you won’t be in the crosshairs of fire, but go quick and watch your hands and feet!

 Pump up the jams, because the after party has a reputation for being a rockin’ good time and if the race wasn’t enough of a gut check, the party will be! Once the kegs are tapped the beer won’t stop flowing until it’s gone, with music blasting and people cheering. Look for the mechanical bull, beer pong tables and inflatables to keep everyone in the party going strong.

To register visit:

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Living Social Adventures brings new entertainment to Denver

Living Social Adventures splash excitement on the palette of life. The adventure side is an addition to an online website, Living Social, that offers screaming daily deals. Th

e company acquired Urban Escapes last fall to offer “better idea” actives. Living Social Adventures took off to bring wild deals to cities where people jump on the chance to have fun. Of course, Denver topped the list (whoop whoop!) and activities have hit every spectrum: sushi making & sake tasting, vinyasa and vino, and shooting and drinking. All the work is done for you; the only hard part is to snag the deal while spots are still open.

The latest was the Living Social Halloween Adventure Race in Boulder, CO on October 29th and 30th. Teams of five raced from the Avery Brewery with a map in hand across Boulder Bike Paths and to the Boulder Canyon where exhilarating activities kept the adrenaline flowing. Participant’s zip lined across a creek and rappelled down a 60-foot cliff! No need to freak out (even if it’s Halloween themed), professionals from a Boulder based outdoor company, Apex Ex, provided gear, instruction and comfort to those whose hearts flopped when they looked down the cliff they were about to rappel down.

On the map there are optional challenges to complete that aren’t revealed until the horn signals! Teams take pictures to prove they completed the outrageous and whacky challenges that deduct time from your actual time to give you a better chance at winning the hefty prize! Examples include recruiting people to form a Congo line, the more people the more time is shaved. Another was to buy a pumpkin and ride it on back, the bigger the pumpkin the bigger the time advantage for your team! There is even a chance to perform a good deed: pick a flower and give it to a grandparent.

By signing up for a Living Social Adventure you are looking at a day with creative fun you won’t find anywhere else. Denver is staffed with an eccentric group that has mastered brainstorming events that place fun as the priority. The next Adventure has been released with a ninja theme (nun chucks not required) To claim your spot visit:

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