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Carri Wilbanks has been training to be a professional tourist her entire life. Her focus is to inform and inspire people to engage with the world around them. Never shying away for a new adventure or the chance to tour a new spot, you never know where you will catch Carri next. Living across Europe and South America unlocked her passion for traveling. Now she is back stateside where she resides in Colorado between freelance trips. You can read more on her global adventures at

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  1. #1 by don fehd on August 26, 2011 - 1:56 pm

    Carri, thanks for you kind words. I love your ability to capture the off road jeeping experience in words and pictures. I especially liked the photo through the window frame looking down Imogene Basin from the top of Imogene Pass. Please come back in the fall and experience the bright yellow Aspens on our Corkscrew Gulch tour. Hope to see you again. Don Fehd, Switzerland of America Jeep Tours, Ouray, Colorado.

    • #2 by catchcarri on August 31, 2011 - 3:08 am

      Thanks Don! I really hope to make it back in the fall, and all the better if you are the guide again!

    • #3 by golfkat on May 13, 2012 - 1:24 pm

      Thank you for reading my blogs. It means so much to me. I am planning to do the Trans Siberian Railway in 2013, and need a travel buddy. None of my current travel buddies, friends, or distant relatives want to go!!!! Interested? I want to go from Vladivostok to Moscow, what some call the reverse direction. Your adventures sound great to me!

  2. #4 by Dean Wahl on September 19, 2011 - 6:04 pm

    Hi Carri: I thought the 9/11 stair climb piece was moving. Thank you for all your kind remarks. Look forward to meeting with you sometime in the future!

    • #5 by catchcarri on September 20, 2011 - 2:43 pm

      Thanks Dean! It was so great to learn more about the fire service! It’s so incredible to see how much your son, Tyler, looks up to you!

  3. #6 by sbhughesSadie Hughes on September 23, 2011 - 2:54 pm


    • #7 by catchcarri on September 23, 2011 - 6:00 pm

      Thank you Sadie! I I hope Iowa is rocking for you!

  4. #8 by Carol Eisenstein on November 16, 2011 - 2:46 pm

    Hi Carri,
    You interviewed our family after the Denver Gorilla Run having won the Fundraising award for the event which we ran in honor of our daughter. Just wondered if that story ever came together and if so where we could watch it?

  5. #9 by Kelsey Long on January 6, 2012 - 3:16 pm

    Your site is just as amazing as you are! So full of fun and the experiences you share are amazing. Keep up everything you’re doing and all the successes in life will be yours 🙂

    Love u!

  6. #10 by Anywhere Editor on March 20, 2012 - 6:46 am

    What a lovely approach to life, a lifelong tourist!!

    • #11 by catchcarri on March 20, 2012 - 7:40 am

      Thanks for the comment, looks like you have a similar approach!

  7. #12 by smallprayer on March 20, 2012 - 4:05 pm

    OMG…i am sooooo inspired, seriously. Hope you are having a wonderful time and a great life 🙂

    • #13 by catchcarri on March 21, 2012 - 4:59 am

      Thank you so much for the comment. Amazing how life is when you live it..right?!

  8. #14 by Craig Hill on March 20, 2012 - 5:39 pm

    Thank you for visiting my site. Your site looks quite interesting, and I look forward to exporing it further in the future. 🙂

  9. #16 by Alexi LaRose on March 21, 2012 - 2:03 am

    Hey Cari, I love your dream:) I hear you girl, I didn’t set out to be one but as faith would have it, I am pretty much doing some touring for a living 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my story, you are welcome at anytime

  10. #17 by Alexi LaRose on March 21, 2012 - 2:04 am

    sorry that should be

    • #18 by catchcarri on March 21, 2012 - 4:59 am

      Great content Alexi! Also, some really delicious looking food!

  11. #20 by Winn on March 22, 2012 - 8:56 am

    Thanks for the ‘like’ Carri. If you are going to do any tourism in Viet Nam, let me know! I’ve got room to host! I’ll be here til end of 2013.

  12. #21 by catchcarri on March 22, 2012 - 9:06 am

    I just might take you up on that! I hope you are enjoying your time there!

  13. #22 by DiabeticallyYours on March 22, 2012 - 4:32 pm

    Thanks for liking a post of mine! I love your blog, definite follow!
    Read you soon!

  14. #23 by ohiocook on March 26, 2012 - 9:24 am

    Thank you for reading and the “Like” of my post!

  15. #24 by Erin, Bella Bleue on March 26, 2012 - 10:55 am

    What a fabulous adventure you are on! Enjoy every moment! I have read some of the “4 Hour Work Week” and it reminds me of you! Check it out if you haven’t. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings on your journey, Erin, Bella Bleue

  16. #25 by catchcarri on March 27, 2012 - 6:27 am

    Thanks Erin! I checked it out. I have the definition phase figured out..hopefully someday I can say that about the automation phase 🙂 Congrats on the versatile blogger award nomination!

  17. #26 by Martyn Thompson on March 27, 2012 - 8:34 am

    Do you have a T1 VW Camper? Or are you just posing in front of one 🙂 LOL!!

    • #27 by catchcarri on March 27, 2012 - 8:37 am

      Oh man I wish I owned it! Luckily I wasn’t charged a huge fee take a pic with it!

  18. #28 by thesportsarchives on March 27, 2012 - 8:36 am


    Thanks for the blog ‘Like’.

    Best of luck to you!

    The Sports Archives.

  19. #29 by tielag on March 27, 2012 - 9:36 am

    Thanks for your support, Carri! I really relate to your desire to be the “perpetual tourist” – the more one travels, the more inspired one becomes to keep doing it! I lived in Paris years ago (my son was born here) and now I spend several months a year in the City of Light! (The rest of the time, I’m in Lakeville, Ct.)

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

    • #30 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 5:16 am

      Your site makes me miss France so much and your beautiful photographs take me back! Keep posting! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  20. #31 by mfnaughton on March 27, 2012 - 10:18 am

    Carri, for great travel deals email your requests to They have great deals and discounts for you to make your dream to becoming a tourist for a living come true.
    Best wishes,

  21. #32 by Martyn Thompson on March 27, 2012 - 11:21 am

    Versatile Blogger Award –

    • #33 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 5:19 am

      Thank you so much for the link. Glad I discovered your site! Keep up the good work!

  22. #34 by theshinjukueffect on March 28, 2012 - 2:38 am

    Thanks for the interest Carri!
    I will be perusing your blog entries shortly – all the best with the perpetual tourist 🙂

    • #35 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 5:23 am

      Thanks for the comment! Love your designs and photos!

  23. #36 by leamuse on March 28, 2012 - 3:36 am

    Hi Carri, thanks for checking out one of my blogs and I appreciate your kind words. I hope you will visit again.


    • #37 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 5:26 am

      Of course! Your site makes me crave France! I lived in the South of France and it’s impossible not to miss. Great entries!

      • #38 by leamuse on March 28, 2012 - 6:08 am

        It must have been hard to leave it. What part where you in?

      • #39 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 6:10 am

        I lived in Antibe. There is so much more of the country I would love to explore. Do you have a favorite area? How long have you lived there?

  24. #40 by Sheila T Illustrated on March 28, 2012 - 5:14 am

    Hi, Carri. Thanks for the “like” on my Wednesday Wildflowers, Etc. post. I share your passion!

    • #41 by catchcarri on March 28, 2012 - 5:29 am

      Your photos and entries are very inspiring. I will keep on readin 🙂 Congrats on the several blogger awards!

  25. #42 by lidipiri on March 28, 2012 - 5:01 pm

    “I want to be a tourist for a living, inspiring people to live.” What a lovely way to start describing yourself! Think that’s what I would like to be!

  26. #43 by Broken Sparkles on March 28, 2012 - 10:20 pm

    Tourist for a living! I’d like to be that too! Isn’t there a great charm in the airplane going to a place you’ve never been before?

    • #44 by catchcarri on March 29, 2012 - 1:33 am

      Yes, unlike anything. Any upcoming trips for you?

  27. #45 by crustique Breads on March 29, 2012 - 2:56 am

    Thanks for checking out and liking my blog. I have been to the South of France as a teenager a few times but was smore interested in the boys than the sights at the time. Going to Paris on the ninth to spend my 50th birthday there. Tourist for a living would be a great occupation, I wholeheartedly agree!

  28. #46 by Art & All on March 29, 2012 - 5:26 am

    I recognize your taste for life. To adventure!

  29. #47 by Linda Visman - wangiwriter on March 29, 2012 - 11:03 pm

    Hi Carri. thanks for checking out my blog and liking it. Lucky you with your travels – I would love to get around my own country more, let alone travel overseas.

  30. #48 by sarahvercoeimages on April 4, 2012 - 8:45 pm

    Great blog! 🙂

  31. #49 by Virginia on April 4, 2012 - 8:55 pm

    I love your blog!!! I would want to be a tourist for a living too!!! Traveling is great and sure beats sitting in an office all day.

  32. #50 by J. A. Robinson on April 5, 2012 - 5:09 am

    Carri, THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving a “like.”

    –John R.:

  33. #51 by J West Hardin on April 5, 2012 - 9:25 am

    Darlin’…be careful what you wish for…….living full time out of a suitcase is a new reality that takes some adjustment. I’ve been ‘on the road’ forever……I feel at home……somewhere else. upside….the lifestyle is conducive to creativity……..downside……forget about stability and retirement planning 🙂

    • #52 by catchcarri on April 5, 2012 - 5:51 pm

      I agree, some downsides can come with traveling…but overall it’s worth everything! There’s something refreshing in an undefined road!

  34. #53 by krishna kanth on April 5, 2012 - 5:57 pm

    a very well maintained blog. shows ur passion. btw, u might be knowing it, u r very beautiful and more !!

  35. #54 by morenodeperalta on April 6, 2012 - 7:47 am

    Hello Carri, Thanks for visiting my site, if you are planing a trip to istanbul or u know some people willing to know allitle bit more about the city please let me know!

    Your web is very nice and i hope to hear from you!

  36. #55 by on April 6, 2012 - 7:57 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog and Best wishes for your travel experiences. I would look forward to know about them. 🙂

  37. #56 by rightways on April 7, 2012 - 12:17 am

    Nice blog

  38. #57 by middleagedhousewife on April 7, 2012 - 9:40 am

    Carri, Thank for liking my post. Have fun on your many adventures.

  39. #58 by sarahinguangzhou on April 7, 2012 - 5:03 pm

    This is a lovely little site. Your passion comes over so well in your writing. Good luck with all your adventures!

  40. #59 by KF on April 8, 2012 - 8:19 pm

    Great blog! =)

  41. #60 by roxloveslearning on April 8, 2012 - 8:27 pm

    Thanks for liking my post carri, 🙂 Seems that you have a lot of adventure, I will love to follow you and learn form your post.


  42. #61 by PHILLTHEDILL on April 8, 2012 - 9:19 pm

    Thank you for liking my post. A professional tourist what an awesome concept. Best of luck will keep an eye on you and your adventures.

  43. #62 by attentiontoeating on April 8, 2012 - 10:58 pm

    Thanks for the like, Carri. Rock on, girl! There’s nothing better than the freedom and adventure of the open road!

  44. #63 by Kyley on April 13, 2012 - 12:44 am

    Your first sentence got me interested straight away! Since the first time I went travelling, I discovered I wanted to be a tourist for a living! Well said there.

  45. #64 by seuny on April 14, 2012 - 5:35 pm

    Love the mindset I want to be a tourist for a living. as you can see on my blog I have a few pics of me around the world working on a cruise ship. I need to document it better. You are doing an awesome job keep it up.

  46. #65 by marcopolosolo on April 14, 2012 - 11:54 pm

    Hey there!
    I LOVE your blog. You seem like a such a spunky, outgoing person – and that seems to lead you to all sorts of crazy places. Honored to have gotten a like from you:)

  47. #66 by Shadow of Ares on April 15, 2012 - 3:35 pm

    thanks for the like reading your blog now 0_0 so interesting i wish I could go to all the places you visit

  48. #67 by whatssheuptonow on April 16, 2012 - 6:59 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post !!! Much appreciated. Your blog is brilliant keep up the good work 🙂 x

  49. #68 by car1osmartinez on April 18, 2012 - 4:43 pm

    What a beautiful encounter, learning from traveling and trying to stimulate people at beauty of life ….. images can tell as how appreciate the majesty of simple things of being, thank you for your kind purpose ☯

  50. #69 by susanmcdanielcruisenews on April 18, 2012 - 8:31 pm

    Thank you for liking my post about Marigot, St. Martin! I have only just started to blog and am already addicted. Ideas are exploding in my head. I appreciate the support. It is very gratifying to know you enjoyed my writing. I also enjoy yours. Happy travels to us all!

  51. #70 by zaharibb54 on April 18, 2012 - 11:10 pm

    Thank you carri for finding my blog. I have already nominated my blog http://www.mykembara.blogspot under two categories Tiurism Travel Blog and Tuorism Destination Blog. If you have spare time drop in and vote me. Thank you

  52. #71 by dorothymcdonall on April 19, 2012 - 8:49 am

    Hi Carri! Thanks for visiting my blogs “Eyes to Heart” and liking my post “Milling the Wind …” … I appreciate your feedback and am inspired by your lust for life … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  53. #72 by J West Hardin on April 23, 2012 - 5:14 pm

    have a wonderful time wherever ‘it’ takes you.

  54. #73 by highfiverson on April 23, 2012 - 5:43 pm

    awesome blog – i feel like we are kindred spirits… always an adventure to be had!

  55. #74 by jannatwrites on April 24, 2012 - 12:16 am

    I’m much less adventurous than you, but I love your idea to become a professional tourist (I want Samantha Brown’s job on the Travel channel :))

    Glad you’re the driver and not along for the ride!

  56. #75 by likeitiz on April 24, 2012 - 6:04 pm

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am so jealous you got to live in the South of France. That’s in my bucket list! Where exactly did you “nest?” Just curious.

  57. #76 by catchcarri on April 24, 2012 - 6:06 pm

    I lived in Antibe! Have you been there?

  58. #77 by pbrh on April 25, 2012 - 2:41 pm

    Carri, thanks for looking at my blog- specifically the photo “A different perspective” Stay tune for more to come. I look forward to reading your blogs as well, seems like you have had many interesting travels also.

  59. #78 by sarahvercoeimages on April 27, 2012 - 12:55 am

    Hey Carri, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my photo for today! much appreciated. I love your blog and outlook on life 🙂

  60. #79 by vgohyk on April 27, 2012 - 1:07 am

    hi carri, thank u for visiting my site.
    u have a very nice blog here which really catches my attention.
    so full of fun! ❤

  61. #80 by jennysserendipity on April 27, 2012 - 1:14 am

    Thank you for the visit and liking my post
    Interesting blog
    All the best, Jenny

  62. #81 by emeralds82 on April 27, 2012 - 2:17 am

    Thanks Carrie for visiting my blog.hope you enjoyed reading my posts. I am going to make myself a wee cuppa and sit down and read your blog now. I think it might be a great way to start my day!! Hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

  63. #82 by travelbug80 on April 27, 2012 - 8:15 am

    Hey Carrie, nice to see like minded people here. I love traveling too, but haven’t had much of the experiences. So i thought why not write about stuff that I’ve already seen. Traveling is so exciting and I love the every trip i make. Gives me an opportunity to stack up on great memories 🙂

  64. #83 by theclickbook on April 27, 2012 - 2:03 pm

    hi Carrie, thanks for liking my post 🙂

  65. #84 by elevitt18 on April 27, 2012 - 7:21 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love traveling, and I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to get some stamps in their passport. Happy travels!

  66. #85 by soopafishl on April 29, 2012 - 8:31 am

    Hi & thanks for the visit! May you continue to inspire and have a great time while doing so :}

  67. #86 by kimolgren on April 29, 2012 - 3:38 pm

    Hi Carri, thanks so much for going ‘Round the Bend and liking “Epic Fail”. I love what you’re doing here and look forward to seeing more! 🙂

  68. #87 by brookenado on April 30, 2012 - 4:52 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like! Your blog is great and I admire your life goal! 🙂

  69. #88 by babso2you on April 30, 2012 - 7:00 am

    Carri – Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! Be sure to check back later to check on the progress of my fruits! Very nice site that you have here!

  70. #89 by Simon on April 30, 2012 - 2:01 pm

    I used to work for a company headquartered in Denver. Visiting is what I miss most about that job. Great blog, I like your style.

  71. #90 by Jo Fredric on May 1, 2012 - 11:25 pm

    Thanks for liking our posts Carri! It gave me a chance to have a look round your site, and I will definitely be following along. I love the idea of being a tourist for a living!

  72. #91 by hnbhojani on May 2, 2012 - 3:25 am

    You are doing a great job! Travel is a passion and the passion is the strength behind our will to get things done. Keep traveling and enjoy every moment

  73. #92 by aimachieve on May 7, 2012 - 12:13 am

    I though I began writing some good stuff untill I read yours 🙂
    I totally understand and respect your passion for being a traveler forever!!

  74. #93 by pattisj on May 7, 2012 - 2:39 pm

    I wish I’d thought of a tourism career years ago! lol Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  75. #94 by Jennifer Bullis on May 9, 2012 - 10:00 pm

    Carri, my belated THANKS to you for liking my poetry blog. I’m delighted it led me back here to discover your terrific photos and words about Denver and the Rockies!

  76. #95 by Cynthia on May 11, 2012 - 9:52 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Georgia. I like your goal — and hope you can find a way to be a perpetual tourist (and then tell the rest of us how to do it.) Travel is certainly my “drug of choice,” as well. Happy travels.

  77. #96 by lovelivingincolorado on May 11, 2012 - 10:48 pm

    You’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award!

    Here are the steps for the award:

    Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
    List 7 random facts about yourself
    Award 15 other bloggers this award

  78. #97 by Sara on May 13, 2012 - 11:23 am

    Thanks for taking time to check out my blog!! I love yours as well, I will have to find time to read more 🙂

  79. #98 by ccbrand on May 15, 2012 - 9:59 pm

    Hello Carri, lovely to ‘meet’ you! Thank you for liking my post. I LOVE the idea behind this blog, thank you for introducing me to it.

  80. #99 by thefinsburyparkdeltics on May 16, 2012 - 1:33 pm

    Thanks for liking my post Carri. Love your blog, photo and worldview! tFPDs

  81. #100 by 24/7 in France on May 19, 2012 - 11:12 pm

    Thank you for visiting my blog – I wish you all the best in reaching your goals !

  82. #101 by godswaytohealth on May 20, 2012 - 3:30 pm

    Thank you for visiting “God’s Way to Health” this is my newest blog in addition to “God’s Healing Plants”. You have a very interesting one yourself. Thank you for nominating this blog for an award. Blessings on your day.

  83. #102 by jimmyandcha on May 22, 2012 - 7:04 am

    Thanks Carri, for liking my post. I admire your zest for life, writing about it, too! Keep writing.

  84. #103 by buildingmybento on May 24, 2012 - 1:43 am

    Thanks for coming by, catchcarri! I was looking at the photo where you are hailing a cab, and before zooming in on the phone number of the cab, expected it to be shot in Peru or somewhere in Latin America. Which part of Denver is that? Is it by the old Stapleton airport?

    • #104 by catchcarri on May 24, 2012 - 6:21 pm

      Dang! Talk about attention to detail! Love it 🙂 It was shot in the Rhino District at the Taxi building. I wish it was Peru or Latin America! Someday!

  85. #105 by annmoses on May 25, 2012 - 12:52 pm

    Hi Carri, Thank you for liking my post. I find your site interesting too! Traveling is what I long to do. I expect to be able to soon. Much luck and success.

  86. #106 by NutriSpire on May 29, 2012 - 10:31 pm

    Dear Carri,

    This is a fabulous blog! A professional tourist, I love it!

    Thank you for stopping by NutriSpire and giving me a like on my latest post.

    Travel safe!

    Wishing you health and happiness!

  87. #107 by danielandkellytravel on June 1, 2012 - 7:28 am

    I’ve nominated you for a Tell Me More About Yourself award because I think your blog is great and we are grateful for your visit to ours. Please see more info at

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