Expedition Health at DMNS

Take part in a research study guided by the National Institute of Health

Take part in a research study guided by the National Institute of Health

Expedition Health at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science takes a hands on approach to explain how the human body works. The exhibit’s theme, personal to Colorado, shows how the body adapts climbing to the summit of a 14,000 foot peak. At the beginning of the exhibit, you will choose an expedition buddy who was monitored while climbing Mount Evans. Through their real life experiences you will learn about exercise physiology and heart rate.

You will also have the chance to engage in interactive activities that show how your own body reacts to physical activity and climate change. At the entrance you are given a card to track your body’s reactions during activities like peddling on a bicycle.

Another section is Biology Basecamp, where visitors put on lab coats to play the part of a scientist. After taking a cheek swab you can look at your own cells through a microscope. Visitors can also test common breakfast cereals for protein and sugar content.

You can also take part in a research study called The Genetics of Taste. The study tests if your genes play a role in your ability to taste a bitter substance called propylthiouracil.

Here are the steps to taking part in the study.

1. Fill out a quick questionnaire

2. Swap your cheek for a DNA Sample

3. Taste a thin piece of paper to see if you can taste the propylthiouracil- a bitter substance

4. Measure height and weight

5. Paint your tongue blue! By doing this the taste buds stay pink so researchers can count them after taking a picture.

Visit for more information and tickets

*Tickets included with general admission

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  1. #1 by Jane on June 3, 2012 - 4:41 pm

    Next rainy day I will be there! My kids would love this!

  2. #2 by Rebecca Booth on June 5, 2012 - 11:05 am

    This place looks so cool! I really hope i get to go here one day!

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