Yogis Stretch out in Brewery

Yogis stretched out their mats at Wit’s End Brewery on Saturday to bliss out. Turns out, yoga followed by beer is becoming a new trend. Charles Ferentchak masterminded the idea of “Brewasana’ to promote one his favorite breweries, yoga teachers and a good cause.
Ferentchak works for Boulder based Rally Software, a company that requires employees to give back. “One percent of our time is meant to do community good,” says Ferentchak. His volunteer time has already been clocked for the year but he has the bug to keep doing more. “It’s really more empowering than tiring. We put this together less than a week before and I think we had a great turnout,” reveals Ferentchak.
Twenty people showed up with a $15 donation (benefits Same Café) ready to drink up after stretching out. Let be honest, a brewery in an industrial park isn’t the most romantic place for yoga. But with the calmness and consciousness Brittany Belisle brings to her classes you will find yourself in a yoga groove, forgetting the brewery atmosphere. Well, until it’s time to redeem a drink ticket for a microbrew.
It’s not just veteran yogi’s that are throwing out handstands and full wheels either. Belisle sees Brewasana as a wonderful way for newbie’s to hit the mat. “Yoga can be intimidating. Breweries not as intimidating.”
With the success of the event Brewery owner Scott Witsoe, Ferentchak and Belisle are thinking of making it a monthly tradition. So long as yogis come out of shavasana before beer clubs and brewery lovers file in.

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  1. #1 by emeralds82 on May 18, 2012 - 11:09 am

    brewery and yoga…….. a flexible sort of heaven?? wow.. chat about thinking outside the box.

  2. #2 by DoF@theinfill on May 18, 2012 - 12:14 pm

    V interesting but a little weird for me. All that relaxation and good breathing followed by a lot of gas – erm, not good ya think? 😉

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