10th Annual Salute to Escoffier

The 10th annual Salute to Escoffier at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO stands above the rest. That’s not to say the preceding events lacked luster but a special guest was present that is so worth seeing people came from cross-country. Michele Escoffier is the great grandson of a man with such clout in the culinary industry he is still idolized generations down the line.

Auguste Escoffier popularized French cooking with his commitment, inventions and creative techniques. He was the first to commercially can tomatoes, knew 600 ways to make an egg and the idea to create an a la carte menu sparked in his mind. He is an astonishing chef as well as a person. He treated his staff like family and fought for kitchen workers rights. Michele Escoffier says it’s important to him to carry out his great grandfather’s legacy and he is doing just that, as is the Broadmoor.

Michele Escoffier attended the 10th Annual Salute to Escoffier. The event is named for his great-grandfather.

Michele Escoffier attended the 10th Annual Salute to Escoffier. The event is named for his great-grandfather.

When the hotel decided to host a food and wine event they named it after Escoffier because culinary chefs and apprentices use the culinary techniques Escoffier wrote about in his book ‘Le Guide to Culinare.’The annual event is filled with activities to get your taste buds buzzing. Cooking and cocktail demonstrations are part of the unique culinary experience that is capped off with an elegant Grand Buffett that honors cuisine Escoffier made famous. That’s not to say there are 600 eggs cooked up differently, but there are over delectable 100 items to choose from. The night starts with a champagne and caviar reception, flows into Fromage, the Grand Buffet Froid, to the Grand Buffet Chaud, and tops off with Dessert.

Now 10 years in the running for foodies and wine lovers, this year exceeded expectations with the biggest turnout and record sales on the silent auction tables. Salute number 11 is already in the mix so have your calendars nearby when the date is announced. The refresh button is hit on each year’s event with new food, wine, decor and entertainment. 

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