WaterCourse Bakery Sponsors ‘Recycled Runway’

Who says eating desert can’t be healthy and scrumptious? Watercourse Bakery, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, has the same owner as vegetarian restaurant Watercourse Foods. The same standards of quality, local and organic ingredients transfer over to create healthy deserts that can still satisfy a sweet tooth.

Head pastry chef, Letisha Steele, says she loves the challenge of creating deserts that are gluten free and vegan without people noticing. “The most complimented item is our chocolate truffle torte. People just don’t notice a difference.” Steele, a proud self taught baker, has worked at WaterCourse for 18 months.

Creating many new menu items involved a lot of trial-and-error to ensure flavor is never sacrificed. ” I am eager to create especially with ingredients that are seasonally relevant,” said Steele.

Watercourse is only picking up speed as alternative baking becomes more normal and less of a trend. Sponsoring events like ‘Recycled Runway’ coming up this Friday at the Sherman Event Center keep the spoons mixing and ovens hot. The bakery is already at work preparing recipes for gluten free cheesecake, fruit and cream tarts, peanut butter bars and a sampling of cookies. Steele says donating to events like ‘Recycled Runway’ go with the beliefs of the company. “We look to be give back with humanity, sustainability and environmentally.”

Steele feels a draw towards the event which benefits a Wheat Ridge Recycling Company,SustainAbility, that hires people with disabilities. Steele grew up with a disabled family member. “That’s beautiful and admirable that the company looks at their strengths and see who they are as people.” 

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SCORE two tickets to ‘Recycled Runway’ to benefit SustainAbility. Headpieces made by Bang Salon composed entirely recycled materials walk the runway. Local artists, will display work and musicians will rock out! Plus, pastries from WaterCourse Bakery will be served!


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