Artist Hires People with Developmental Disabilities

 SCORE two tickets to ‘Recycled Runway’ to benefit SustainAbility. Headpieces made by Bang Salon composed entirely recycled materials walk the runway. Local artists, such as Deanne Nixon, will display work and musicians will rock out! Plus, pastries from WaterCourse Bakery will be served.


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One randomly selected winner will receive two tickets for show on Friday. Visit: for more information on the event.

CSU grad Deanne Nixon calls her “pinwheel” art an accidental discovery. A professor at Colorado State University handed her a Vogue magazine with instructions to use every page in a project. In a hurry, she wanted to find a way to use as many pages as efficiently as possible. Using an origami technique she formed each page into a pinwheel.                                     Soon, she realized something much more incredible than she could have imagined was created. “I was unmotivated to make it but the end result turned out to be my biggest motivator,” says Nixon.

Magazine papers are now substituted for fabric of every color and pattern she can get her hands on. Whimsical pinwheels are formed by folding cloth in an accordion style, twisting it into a circle and dashing it with a clear glue to hold it together. Nixon has been an artist her entire life but found one channel to direct her energy.

The stunning art has made its way in several shows, coffee shops and also in the Cherry Creeks Art Festival last summer when Nixon was selected as an emerging artist. Her pieces were so well received she sold 23 of 30 canvases on the spot.

Nixon’s art is stunning beyond the surface. She hires people with developmental disabilities to make the pin wheels. “People are attracted to it visually, and then when they hear the story it grabs their heart,” says Nixon.

Dixon will be showing at ‘Recycled Runway’ March 2nd at Sherman Events Center from 7-10.

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