Little Bear Western Saloon Rocks Stage in Evergreen

The Little Bear in Evergreen packs a big punch. Nestled among the historic main street of Evergreen, this rustic building is a true old time western saloon. There is no fine china, white linen napkins or jazz music lingering in the background. Instead, you will find beer slid across the counter in plastic cups, napkins greased up from a burger or hot wings, and bands that play loud for the rowdy crowd.

The building has a story in itself. It was once a drugstore and even a local church. The pews have stayed which now seat customers on the second floor overlooking the main stage. From head to toe, names are carved in the wood that holds up the bar. You will also see names scribbled into the booths and you too are welcome to leave your mark. At this little bears hideaway you can let your hair out of your cowboy hat and shuck and jive.

Come in on Wednesday night for pizza and a draft beer for five bucks, or Tuesdays for ten-dollar buffalo steak night. With live music shaking the walls down six nights a week, you will get more than a lions share of eats from this little bear. You can find local bands to big names on the Little Bear’s calendar.

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