Strange Brewery adds personal touch

Walk into Strange Brewery and chances are one of the owners will serve you. They may not boast it right away but they are sure to suggest a beer, chat it up and most likely tell a joke or two. Co-owners Tim Myers and John Fletcher say they stand behind the beers they brew.

The two worked together in the I.T. department at the Rocky Mountain News. When the paper went under in 2009 they cashed out their 401k’s to follow through with their first choice for a back-up plan. Strange Brewery opened its garage doors in May 2010 near Mile High Stadium. Curious crowds stepped into the transformed warehouse to experience one of Denver’s first taprooms.

So how did the two decide to go in on the same back-up plan?

“We liked the same music, so that’s really important. We are products of 80’s classic rock and 90’s Grunge. It’s all about what kind of music you listen to when you brew,” Tim jokes.

When the clock turns time to brew they roll out creativity and try new things. In the brewery’s first year there were eight taps and 19 different brews to fill them.  There are now ten taps and the brewers served up 22 different recipes last year. Experimenting with new ingredients is one of the perks for these guys. Starting this year, every Wednesday one of the Brewers from Black Sky Brewery has made his way to Strange Brewery to collaborate on new recipes. Right now they are getting ready to try a recipe with lavender. If all goes well it will be tapped for you to enjoy.

A staple on the menu and of the most popular beers is the Cherry Kriek. “I got the idea for this beer after my daughter was born with a mop of red hair. I needed something red but that was different. I didn’t want something like a Killians,” reveals Tim. There’s also a gluten free pale on tap that won gold at the GABF. It only entered the competition because the planned brew wasn’t finished and the brewers had one more entry on the ballot. The panel of judges took to the honey and oat flavors that leave a sparkling wine characteristic and awarded the beer a shining gold. The Gingerbread Man Ale is made with the same warming spices Tim’s grandmother used in the cookies he ate as a child. 

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There are plenty of other brews on tap like the Strange Pale, Farmhouse Ale and Paint It Black Honey Coffee stout. Buy a taster flight for 10 bucks to try everything on tap, or grab a full pint for $5.00. (With the exception of the $7.00 Cherry Kriek) Zoom into 1330 Zuni Street and grab one of the 40 seats in the quaint taproom.


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