Yeti Chase

A pack of 750 runners chased a Yeti through Bear Creek Lake Park this morning. The 2nd annual Yeti Chase sold out quick, even clearing space for an extra 250 extra participants from last year’s run. Many people were back again for the scenic sights of Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood.

The race is put on by Racing Underground, a company owned by husband and wife team Darrin and Jill Eisman. “I think our events are successful because they are low key and well organized,” explains Darrin. Racing Underground puts on about two dozen races each year.

Darrin’s will to compete started as a freshman in high school on the cross country team. After meeting his wife in college they took on a four month adventure competing in races around the country. Low of funds, Darrin built a camper out of plywood and hitched it to the back of his car. To make it from race to race and state to state they depended on prize money.

One way they make their races stand out is to offer prize money. “It’s for local elite athletes that can now afford a new pair of shoes or have the money to get to their next race,” says Darrin. Today’s top winner walked away with anywhere from 50 to 150 bucks.

Racing Underground also organizes the Mile High Duathlon, Barking Dog Duathlon and Mount Evans Ascent. Racing underground is eager to launch new races this year. The Ralston Creek Half Marathon in February and also look for a triathlon in both Evergreen and Fruita.

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