Denver Beer Company is always mixing up brews.

It’s not often that you will find the same menu chalked up at Denver Beer Company. The brewery has created 57 batches of beer and 54 of those have been different. Co-owner and brewer Charlie Berger knows what it takes to add creativity and flavor.

Berger and his business partner Patrick Crawford opened the brewery in the Platte River Valley in August 2011. The college friends re-connected in Denver and now have what they call a “realistic dream job.” Denver Beer Company sits in an old auto body shop. Original floor jacks hold up the bar and a tree grate found in an architectural salvage yard is now a table.

Berger and Crawford say when they realized the costs of getting the brewery to open they learned how to do a lot of work themsevles. “We were here wearing Carharts everyday. It was a lot of You Tube Videos and trading work for beer,” says Crawford. The brewery is also celebrating it’s first expansion. Just this week two new tanks and nearly 100 kegs rolled up to increase production to 1,750 barrels of craft beer a year. The beer will soon be delivered to a few local restaurants like City ‘O City, Euclid Hall and Rackhouse.

Now the hard part is done and they most enjoy seeing regulars settle in. “Regulars come back a third time in a week not because they have a drinking problem but because they have a good time,” admits Berger.

“It’s immediate gratification when we see people smile after they drink our beer,” explains Crawford. What brings on the the smiles? The unique ingredients for one, like the award-winning Graham Cracker Porter. Berger sniffs out spices for the beer at a local joint called the Savory Spice Shop. And coming up there they will beer brew and coffee beans together at the Coffee Beer Fest on Feb 18th from 9am until noon!

The warm and friendly atmosphere will also make you crack a smile. Whether chatting with a bartender or playing games with friends you will feel yourself settle in. You won’t find any two-tops on the large patio tables but you are bound to cheers a new friend. For just five bucks choose from a variety of beers that change with the season so you won’t ever get tapped out. 

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This brewery creates a community. Jam to a concert on Sunday, or head out Tuesday night for a run and free pasta buffet and beer to follow. Whether for the music, the running or chatter, put on the brakes at the Denver Beer Company at 1675 Platte Street.  


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