Renegade Brewery is owned by a husband and wife team and is located in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Renegade Brewery is owned by a husband and wife team and is located in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Renegade Brewery is anything but traditional.  The Great American Beer Festival brought husband and wife owners Brian and Khara O’Connell to Colorado. The duo of Razorbacks later made the trek to the mile high city with a faint idea of starting a brewery. With fresh hops and crisp ice cold Rocky Mountain water at their disposal a brewery was born.

Renegade Brewery opened its doors eight months ago but had been a product in the making for quite sometime. Brian admits, he worried he would ruin something he enjoyed in life. As a home brewer and a member of a brew club, beer occupied his free time. As he immersed his hobby with work, it’s clear beer is his passion. Khara has been a constant in the process as a self-described “home brewer’s assistant” and is still sitting shot gun.

Renegade sits in a building that was originally a Dr. Pepper plant more than 100 years ago. Staying true to form, original brick walls, cement floors, and a wooden ceiling are still in place. By splashing their touches to the old warehouse the brewery has a distinct industrial flare.

Renegade aims to steer clear from the mainstream in both atmosphere and taste. You won’t find TV’s on the walls by design. “This is a place you come for conversation. Our motto is bring a friend or meet one,” Brian told me. One friend you could meet is Rogue, the couple’s friendly dog, who isn’t shy about meeting strangers.

The beer is also unique. “It’s not traditional, it’s interesting. I wanted to make something I wanted to drink,” Brian explains. Turns out the taste Renegade creates is catching on. The Ryteous Rye IPA is the best seller and both Brian and Khara’s favorite. If they could win any award for their beer it would be the GABF Gold IPA, the most competitive category.

With any industry there will be competition but Khara says she feels more community than competition in the craft brewing world. “Before I felt like we were in Denver, now that Renegade is open I feel like we are a part of Denver,” Khara says.

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To feel part of the Renegade community come for a pint, ten ounce or taster. The top three beers on the menu are permanent. Choose from the 5’oclock Blonde Ale, the Ryteous Rye IPA, or the Una Mas which is a Roasted Pablano Amber. Other beers come and go, depending on Brian’s craving and creativeness. The Black Gold is an Imperial Peanut Butter Stout and the flavor comes from legit peanut butter cups.

The beer at Renegade always seems to vanish, but the legacy of the brewery is still taking shape. Come drop by 925 W. 9th Ave. and jump in on a conversation, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. #1 by infamousmrthorp on January 30, 2012 - 3:00 pm

    i found the owners of renegade to be rude, and standoffish. i wont give them business anymore. While they make decent beer, it isnt enough to make up for the rude service.

    • #2 by catchcarri on January 31, 2012 - 11:30 pm

      I am sorry to hear that you didn’t have an enjoyable experience. At least there are plenty of other craft breweries in Denver!

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