Old Town Trolley, Boston

Experience one of the nation’s oldest cities in something as historic as the Old Town Trolley. These excursions don’t just take tourists to their final destination; they fill them in with knacks of knowledge as the wheels wind through the colonial city. Bigger crowds and busses are not included in this company’s business plan. Instead, it’s about treating each customer as a guest.

A full tour is just over one and a half hours and covers 17 stops to every major point of interest. You can hop on and off as you please. With the large open windows and crisp p.a. system there is not a bad seat on the trolley. You will never be left waiting, trolley’s scoot by every 20 minutes, sometimes less. Tour guides master the history of Boston and share it with energy and enthusiasm.

The trolley trails a complete loop of the city combining fascinating stories, and trivia questions. You will see the Boston Harbor, the North End, Downtown Boston, Fenway Park, Cambridge, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and that’s just a start. Hold on to your hats, your ticket even comes with a ticket to cruise the Boston Harbor!

Three friends started the company after discovering the rich history of Key West, FL. To get others in the loop they began by offering tours in a converted bead truck with a homemade trailer. More than forty years later the company has expanded to include a fleet of 130 orange and green trolleys in 6 major cities.

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For a complete tour of the city and ticket prices visit: 


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