Irish Freedom Trail, Boston

If you have been to Boston, chances are high you have heard of the Freedom Trail, or seen the red bricks along the sidewalks leading the way. Along 2.5 miles 16 historic sights represent 300 years of history. Everything from the Old State House, the North Church and historic burying grounds of heroes and historic people tell the story of the American Revolution.

12 years ago, inspired by the Freedom Trail, a tourism group took inventory of Boston’s landmarks and places with an Irish significance. The result is the well documented Irish Heritage Trail, an incredible insight to the Irish influence in the city.

There are 20 stops in three miles. One of those is Fenway Park, which was built by an Irish man. Another stop takes you to see the incredible details on a sculpture outside the Boston Common made by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, also an Irishman. It commemorates Robert Shaw, an American officer in the Union Army during the Civil War who commanded an all black regiment and was killed during a battle.

 There is also the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, the reason millions of people fled the country, thousands to America starting in 1847. Irish people represent the largest ethnic community in Boston. If you have Irish roots are just Irish proud you must take the steps along this trial.

You can pick up a free map of the Trail at the Visitors Center on Boston Common, or visit

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