Fenway Park Tours, Boston

Fenway Park will celebrate it’s 100th birthday this year, and Yankees fans aren’t invited to the party. And If Yankee fans tour the historic ballpark they will be reminded of opening day. The Red Sox beat the New York Yankees (then known then as the New York Highlanders) in 1912.

Tours also tally up nostalgic feelings. This is one of the last stadiums to use a manual scoreboard. You will see the press box, the green monster and the Hall of Fame Club where walls are lined with photos capturing the victories in Red Sox Baseball. There is no question some of the most dynamite baseball players in history have called Fenway their home.

This team has some of the most loyal fans. Nearly every Red Sox home game has been sold out since 2003. In 2008 the park sold out its 456th consecutive game, breaking the MLB record. They continue to gain ground on that record with over 600 consecutive sellouts. You don’t have to be apart of the Red Sox Nation to appreciate the history at America’s oldest ballpark either. If you admire the Babe, the Kid or Yaz you  better hop on the tour.  

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Ticket prices are: $12 for adults, $10 for military, $11 for senior citizens and $10 for children ages 3 to 15.

For tours schedules please visit:

For tours schedules please visit:


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