Boston Duck Tours

Boston Duck Tours make a splash in the city! This is the tour to waddle on for a complete tour of one of the oldest cities in the United States. The condDUCKtors are hired not jut based on their knowledge of Boston but on their originality and personality. Guides have their own character to make the experience more unique.

“Will Shakespeare” took us through the city giving us the highlights of history mixed with humor. We were all quaked up. There is no question he has a passion and pride for Boston. Spending much of his free time reading up on the city, he can answer just about any question you quack at him.

You will see every major landmark in Boston through a ducks eye view. The U.S.S. Constitution, the Old and New State House, the Public Garden, Boston Common, Cheers and that’s just a start.

Then the splash comes in and also your chance to drive the Duck in the Charles River. From land to sea, this is the only tour you can really see it all, including the view of Boston and Cambridge.

Ducks are one mean, lean, fighting machine. The amphibious vehicle was designed by US military during WWII to deliver troops and supplies from land to water. They were called DUKW’s based on their design, utility, all wheel drive and two-powered rear axels. General Motors built 21,000 DUKWS during the war. You may not see one casually cruising the streets but they are still used for rescue efforts. During Hurricane Katrina a DUKW delivered supplies and rescued those stranded in the flood.

Boston Duck Tours runs a fleet of restored World War II era DUKW’s and also modified ducks. Either way you are riding on history to make the famous amphibious trip into Boston. 

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