New England Aquarium

You don’t need tough skin to get up close and personal with sharks. The New England Aquarium’s newest feature allows you to pet bonnethead and epaulette sharks. The Shark and Ray Touch Tank is also home to cownose and Atlantic Rays. It’s as simple as just sticking your hand out and

letting them sweep right by.

Thousands of species of marine life are housed in this Aquarium on the Boston Harbor. Swimming seals visible from the outside of the building have been attracting crowds since 1969.

The sparkling feature of the Aquarium is the “Giant Ocean Tank.” Inside sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, eels and barracudas swim in 200,000 gallons of water. The incredible layout sets a spiral path around the four stories of the cylindrical tank. 52 wide panel windows let you keep track of the magnificent sea life.

There are also smaller but still dynamite exhibits that feature fish from different regions. represent the New England area. There also bright-colored Tropical Fish and sea life all the way from South America and the Pacific Northwest.

The aquarium also devotes time to Preservation and Research. The team here rescues and rehabilitates stranded and diseased marine animals along the New England Coast. This effort also reaches a national level when teams respond to rescue animals after oil spills and natural disasters. 

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To learn about animal presentations and see what else is swimming inside visit:


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