Plimoth Plantation, Boston

Just down the road from the Mayflower II is the Plimouth Plantation, the spot Pilgrims settled at in 1620. During the first winter more than half of the passengers died from the harsh winter and spread of disease. Without the guidance of the Native Wampanoag Tribe that number could have been even higher. They showed survivors how to plant crops and live on the land. The Pilgrims cheersed their first harvest by setting aside a day that has become known as Thanksgiving. This day connects every American to the rough voyage and conditions the Pilgrims trekked through.

The Plimoth Plantation recreates what life was like for Pilgrims and the native tribe in the 17th century. Native Americans answer questions about what their ancestors ate, where they slept and how they maximized land. At the next site, Pilgrims in period clothing talk about how they built and heated their homes, what they cooked and what prompted them to start a government in their village. You will learn the challenges each faced, the struggles with each other and get to know the artistic sides to each.

Both the Plimouth Plantation and Mayflower II are in Plymouth Massachusetts, 40 miles from Boston.

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