Girls Only- The Secret Comedy of Women

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“We feel like we are accelerating.” This is exactly what you want to hear from Linda Klein, co-creator of Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women®. The show, written by two Denver based actors, highlights the humor of being female.  Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring say when they met at an improv troupe in Boulder they became instant friends.  Good enough friends to eventually read their childhood diaries to each other sparking the idea for their next project, a reunion of girlhood: from puberty to menopause.

Girls Only, was met to be a one-night show. But Klein and Gehring say they felt a new kind of electricity in the crowd that night, giving them the sense they were onto something bigger. After a sold out six-week run in 2008 at the Avenue Theater, they are still center stage at Denver’s Garner Galleria Theater. The comedic duo set the scene by reading their true childhood diaries in a girly bedroom. One hilarious excerpt reveals a point when Gehring was trying to break up with her boyfriend. She wrote:  “I want to break up with Cal. I told him I’m giving him up for Lent. He said, who’s Lent?” The fun continues with a mix of improv, sketch, song and dance and audience participation. “We thought the show was about us, but really it’s everyone’s bedroom,” Klein reveals.

Two purses are pulled from the audience so Gehring and Klein can uncover all that stuff we as women are capable of accumulating. Out of one purse came two separate smaller purses and even a stack of bills. “People are laughing because it’s true for everyone,” Klein says. Even if your purse is organized to strictly essentials, there will be places you relate. Whether it’s remembering the days your mom stuck hot pink spongy rollers in your hair, spit on her finger to clean your face or thinking about the art of putting on panty hose you will feel connected.

When I asked if the two have found their absolute dream job, both responded with a quick “YES.” “We feel like we are hosting a party every night,” Gehring told me. “I get to write the show that says whatI want to say,” Klein adds. This dynamite duo has ownership in this original comedy and control over the creativity. With pages full of humorous elements they agree the hardest part of getting the show on stage was narrowing down their list to the top of the top. This comedy treasures honesty, innocence and joyful moments. “I write the show I always dreamed of being in,” Gehring adds.

The work doesn’t stop on stage for these actors. They are in charge of merchandising, trade marking, maintaining web and facebook pages and setting up charity and corporate events.  Additional franchises have also sprung up in Des Moines, Charlotte, Winnipeg and Minneapolis. The show is also launching in Houston next fall!

To get in on the party call the box office at  (303)893-4100

To learn more visit or find them on Facebook at

The show closes New Year’s Eve so grab your girlfriends, mother,

sisters, or co-workers and get ready to laugh about the joys and

sometimes ridiculous moments of being female.


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