Living Social Adventures brings new entertainment to Denver

Living Social Adventures splash excitement on the palette of life. The adventure side is an addition to an online website, Living Social, that offers screaming daily deals. Th

e company acquired Urban Escapes last fall to offer “better idea” actives. Living Social Adventures took off to bring wild deals to cities where people jump on the chance to have fun. Of course, Denver topped the list (whoop whoop!) and activities have hit every spectrum: sushi making & sake tasting, vinyasa and vino, and shooting and drinking. All the work is done for you; the only hard part is to snag the deal while spots are still open.

The latest was the Living Social Halloween Adventure Race in Boulder, CO on October 29th and 30th. Teams of five raced from the Avery Brewery with a map in hand across Boulder Bike Paths and to the Boulder Canyon where exhilarating activities kept the adrenaline flowing. Participant’s zip lined across a creek and rappelled down a 60-foot cliff! No need to freak out (even if it’s Halloween themed), professionals from a Boulder based outdoor company, Apex Ex, provided gear, instruction and comfort to those whose hearts flopped when they looked down the cliff they were about to rappel down.

On the map there are optional challenges to complete that aren’t revealed until the horn signals! Teams take pictures to prove they completed the outrageous and whacky challenges that deduct time from your actual time to give you a better chance at winning the hefty prize! Examples include recruiting people to form a Congo line, the more people the more time is shaved. Another was to buy a pumpkin and ride it on back, the bigger the pumpkin the bigger the time advantage for your team! There is even a chance to perform a good deed: pick a flower and give it to a grandparent.

By signing up for a Living Social Adventure you are looking at a day with creative fun you won’t find anywhere else. Denver is staffed with an eccentric group that has mastered brainstorming events that place fun as the priority. The next Adventure has been released with a ninja theme (nun chucks not required) To claim your spot visit:

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  1. #1 by Kelley Robinson (@KelleyBRobinson) on November 3, 2011 - 3:30 am

    That sounds so fun! And I love the photos of the zip-lining over the water!

    • #2 by catchcarri on November 3, 2011 - 4:00 am

      It was a blast– the rapelling was the part that made my heart drop! A lot of fun stuff coming up with this company!

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