Blind Date, a new take on improv.

“Maybe one of you will be my blind date?” That’s a daring question to ask a group of people you just met, but what guy could turn down Renee Amber’s beauty and charm?  She plays Mimi in the improvisational comedy “Blind Date.” Situated in a Parisian café, she quickly reveals she has been waiting for her blind date…for two hours! Instead of being stood up she mingles among the audience with her red signature clown nose and a glass of wine in a ploy to snag someone as her catch.

She admits her chatting in the lobby before the show was by design, so she could “shop” for choices. Her pick for the night, Jeremy Urech, says he could feel his heart pumping as Mimi bounced closer to his seat. He agreed to the spotlight but not without his shy nature coming through.

With Mimi’s wit and loving-nature her new accomplice started to warm up.The date proceeded from the café to her car, her apartment and even eventually fast-forwards five years down the road. The unique format of the play allows for odd situations for Urech to encounter. “Being a shy person, I was taken out of my comfort zone but Mimi put me into a new one.”

While shows are different each night with a new person shopped from the audience, the jokes remains clean. Mimi’s says, “This humor is about building relationships and a story. We make the actors feel god by complimenting them.” By the end Mimi tells the date what she loves about them, and an honest compliments ooze out. That could be part of the reason Urech says he would hop back in the spotlight any day. “Why wouldn’t I? I really needed this, I can tell it made me more outgoing.”

That’s not an accident, but part of the plan. Two other supporting cast members, Jamie Nothan, and Kristian Reimeras, who make casual appearances as neighbors, or a waiter to keep the show moving, say they often have to give the guys pep-talks back stage but as the show progresses they feel more comfortable.

The three cast members met from Loose Moose Theater based out of Canada. That’s where the show’s creator, Rebecca Northan, also got her start.

Up next Blind Date is heading to Des Moines. Reimer jokes they hit all the “sexy cities”

But before it scoots to Iowa, own you can catch it at the Garner Galleria Theater through November 6th.

Tickets can be found at 

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