Fright Fest at Elitch’s, Denver

 Don’t let the fun atmosphere surrounding Fright Fest fool you, come nightfall the fun combines with terror. During the day guests are welcome to trick or treat, watch and
 participate in shows and enter costume contests. After the sun sets zombies,ghouls and monsters lurk through the park. Four horrifically haunted houses and entertaining live shows will keep your night jamming. Brutal Planet, Blood Bath and Grind House all have unique twists that will rob you from your comfort zone.

Guests are lur

ed into a serial killer’s hideaway in Brutal Planet. As you see a wall full of missing person posters you know he is after you next. As you take unpredictable steps through his home you never know what’s coming ahead or behind you. The entertainment director, Eric Guetterman, says they work hard on the timing and placement of actors to ensure a scare that will send you flying. It’s not just actors setting the stage for scare factors either. This is a haunted house amateurs should avoid.

Next on the age

nda of fear is the Blood Bath Haunted House. After a trip into this damp and musty environment you won’t leave the same. Creativity is taken to a level that was un

reachable before this talented team brewed up an idea unmatched by any haunted house in the industry. All guests are equipped with a poncho, and not just for the effect of it. Water shoots from streams and unexpected places to make sure you are dripping with fear when you leave. Well, that is if you make it out.

Both haunted houses are genius at coming up with new scare factors unique only to Fright Fest. This Haunted House takes no shortcuts. It takes 4,000 hours to set up, uses 275 gallons of fog juice, 2,7000 feet of cob web and 10 semi tricks are needed to unload gory materials.

Fright Fest is all things haunted. A graveyard greets you at the entrance and actors lurk around the premises to challenge you to face your fears. If you are daring enough to hop on, the rides run in full gear. Fright Fest is waiting for you to experience what’s been thrilling visitors for the last 14 years You will be hooked by horror.

 WHERE: Elitch Gardens Theme Park (2000 Elitch Circle)

WHEN: Friday, October 28 from 5 p.m.-10 p.m.; Saturday, October 29 from Noon-10 p.m.; Sunday, October 30 from Noon-9 p.m.; and on Halloween night from 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

COST: Daily admission tickets are offered online for just $37.99 for guests 48″ or over; $27.99 for guests under 48″ or over 62 years. Children ages 3 and under are free. Some attractions during Fright Fest have an additional fee.

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