13th Manor Haunted House, Denver

Terror Strikes at the 13th Manor. A true haunted house from the outside in. An old worn home with cracked windows and rusted paint instill fear, and you have not even stepped foot inside. On your first step through the front door you think it won’t be so bad after all. The family room is charming; books are perfectly stacked, the oil lamp lights the room and there is no dust to be seen. Neat and tidy it may be but as you carry through the house the horror begins to circulate.

The family inside the home is anxiously waiting for your arrival. In each room a new set of actor’s stumbles into your path, when you want to turn back the door slams behind you. At one point you are told to “HURRY” as footsteps start to pick up pace in the background. You whip around to see five doors to choose from and one holds your fate. If you are lucky will pick the one that leads to safety. The torment continues as you come across a titled living room with furniture thrown in every which direction.

Some kids warn you not to wake up their mother and urge you to tip toe away. Others will ask if you want to play hide and ho seek. I had already been trying to hide from them all along. But of course you can’t escape. 13th Manor is a terrifying but exhilarating experience.

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