The Brains behind the invention of the 13th Floor and Asylum Haunted Houses

Denver’s Haunted Houses make you scream. Warren Conard and Chris Stafford create two of the most popular haunted houses in Colorado. They take them to a new level, even beyond the 13th floor, which one of their Haunted Houses is named after. Warren’s start in the industry came after he responded to an ad looking for monsters in a newspaper. Chris took the steps into terror after a family friend asked him if he wanted to “scare people.” Equipped with new costumes they were ready for their new job. The time came for both to move on, but the spooky world of haunting chased them down.

After many separate entrepreneurial careers they teamed up to turn what they enjoy into a business. The Asylum Haunted House opened in 2002 and is consistently rated as one of the top attractions in Denver as well as one of the top haunted houses in the nation. Six years after it opened, they brought more terror to the city by opening the 13th Floor. The horror they create so well is even spreading to other states. Last year they opened a haunted house in Texas, and added another in Arizona this year.

Warren explains Denver’s weather makes an already tough industry even tougher. The state’s snowstorms and unpredictable weather can often shut the houses down. It’s also a competitive industry. “We have been at it for ten years and we are just now where we want to be,” says Warren.

It may be a tough and competitive business but that hasn’t stopped these two from striking chords of fear in every visitor. Chris says they are constantly creating, which is evident with the in-house effects, creations and animations. Just one example is the Jurassic park-sized dinosaur that was built in the space the 13th Floor is set up in.

The haunted houses never sleep; it’s a year around business. “Sometimes we go a little overboard,” Warren admits. That’s exactly what you want to hear from someone who is out to scare you! They make sure they hit every sense for visitors. You will see death, hear grueling noises, smell the unimaginable, feel spider webs sweep across your skin and of course taste fear with every cautious step you take.

Two completely different properties have resulted from their vision and creative energy. The 13th Floor explores what creatures and monsters could be living on such a haunted floor. You will experience the power of animation, effects, fantasy and supernatural powers. To read more about the 13th Floor please visit

The Asylum takes you on a journey through a hospital filled with sheer horror. This haunted house is so spooky because of the realism it creates. If you dare click here


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