13th Floor Haunted House

The 13th Floor Haunted House will make your blood rush. Fans count on this haunted house for their fear fix because every year it becomes even more astonishing and horrific. The experience will undoubtedly make you question if you are in another world. The house explores the question: What is lurking on the 13th floor?

Owners, Chris Stafford and Warren Conard started brewing up answers. The duo first opened Denver’s longest running haunted house, the Asylum, but knew they still had an arsenal of creativity to unleash. Six years later, the 13th Floor opened. Before you escape to the haunted world you must walk through “Bloodshed,” a separate themed haunted house that leads you to the unimaginable new world they created. The hillbilly horror theme takes guests through a family’s dilapidated farmhouse, into their backyard and through the family’s home.

If you dare, you can then board a tattered and rusted elevator that will eventually deliver you to the daunting floor in a top-secret warehouse full of supernatural encounters.

You will come nose to nose with terror in every degree. Try to escape as monsters breathe down your back or chase you through a string of spider webs brushing your skin. Breathe even harder as a wall starts to collapse around you. Struggle to keep your balance and sanity in the vortex tunnel. Don’t worry; you will eventually become trapped in a mirror maze, designed and built by the owners, so you come face to face with your own fear. This house keeps you on your tippy toes because it’s steps up the scare factor around each unpredictable bend.

This haunted house uses special effects that you would only see in movies to create the unthinkable. You will feel out of this world as you walk through a green laser swamp and realize you can’t see below your knees. This is the third year the haunted house has thrown this trick at visitors, but each season it becomes more advanced and realistic. The make-up and costumes add to the terror and ensure originality because they are made-in house. Plus, you couldn’t buy anything that looks so terrifying.

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This haunted house makes such a scream it has been featured on the Travel Channel, and is rated as one of the best Haunted Houses with Hauntworld Magazine. If you are ready to make your heart pound visit:


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