Rush Bowls

It’s easy to grab a healthy meal on the go. Rush – Naturally Enlightened in Boulder is selling more than just traditional smoothies. A Rush Bowl is an all –natural blend of fruit that is served a little differently. At the two Boulder storefronts you can get them made fresh with all kinds of healthful goodies and topped with granola and honey. You can also find them in any Whole Foods Market pre-made and ready to grab-n-go from your own freezer anytime. You can walk in and out with a substantial meal lickity split. This company’s mission is to use only pure, all natural ingredients and never artificial additives, preservatives or sweeteners.
The bright idea came from Andrew Pudalov, who relocated to Boulder with his family after spending 15 years in New York City’s financial sector. Ready for a new kind of risk, he opened up the first shop on the Hill in ’04. The crowds rallied and it was soon time for store number two. The lines were still wrapping around the corner, so Andrew and his team developed the frozen grab-n-go line of Rush Bowls to get customers in and out quicker. Once Whole Foods caught wind of their popularity, it wasn’t long before the Bowls were stocked in the freezer section of their markets.
There are five Bowls to choose from. The Acai Beach Bowl is full of pure guava juice, acai berries, mango and banana. How simple when every ingredient is identifiable! There are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy free options available and anything in the two Boulder storefronts can be custom made to cater to any and all dietary needs.
The Vice President of the company, Nicole Shapiro, describes Andrew as a “big picture guy.” This must be true because these Bowls have caught on quickly and are sold at Whole Food stores throughout several regions and other markets as well. The next time you are in a bind and don’t want to sacrifice flavor, or your health, know that Rush Bowls are on your side.
To see the full line of Rush products visit rush bowls here:


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