Root Down, Denver

Sustainable and organic restaurants are making headway. Restaurants like Root Down are packed table to table and bar seat to bar seat. The restaurant was once a greasy service station, but the food is anything but. Whatever food you eat you can trust and never wonder what chemicals, preservatives or pesticides are inside.

The menu doesn’t stick to a theme, instead it goes with what’s fresh and in season.  Choose from crab enchiladas, butternut squash salad, beet gnocchi and the list goes on!  Chefs pull ingredients from a garden out back, and all other food is organic or from local farms. Everything from cardboard, to glass and even cooking oil is recycled.

Even the décor is sustainable. 70 % of Root Down is made with reclaimed or recycled material. The tables and bar seats may not be complete with a shiny oak finish but the creativity that goes into these designs makes it unique.  Part of the floor is made from a basketball court…shoot and score! As you walk around you will notice art made from the simplest products like lids of canned foods.

At Root Down it’s about sticking to your “roots.” By eating the way nature intended and making use of what we have a creative restaurant is setting the mold. 

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