Devil Dash Lyons, Colorado

The Devil was out to get over 3,000 brave souls. Adventurer’ers took on the Devil Dash 5K obstacle course in Lyons, CO Saturday. Not even those disguised as angels stood a chance at keeping clean. Racers challenged themselves with 14 obstacles that are based on the seven deadly sins. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Test your might to dodge through tires hanging from an underpass as the devils helpers try to stop you in your tracks. Test your strength as you climb up a wall and hold tight to repel down on the other side. Test your endurance as you charge up devils hill. Race director Will Newcomer is no stranger to adventure but knew the race needed a fiery component. The Devil Dash was unleashed to add an edge to the obstacle course run. Adding even more of a challenge was heavy rain but it didn’t hold anyone back from striving to reach the gates of heaven. The river crossings became deeper, the hill climb slicker, and the series of smaller rolling hills muddier. Newcomer returned to his roots in Lyons to heat up the town. He chose the location because of the natural obstacles in place. You can’t deny all the obstacles are equally as sinful as you lust after the cargo net, sloth through a mud pit and envy those that brave it in the blood bath. It’s all becomes worth it when you are at the “Beer Garden of Eden.” Part of the proceeds from the race go to First Descents, a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides free outdoor adventure programs to young adults battling cancer. More cities will light up next year so don’t miss out. Of course Sin City, and also Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Colorado again! 

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