Tommy Knockers Brewery Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs is a town full of hidden gems. It may only be 3 miles long and 3 blocks wide but there is plenty to explore. Tommy Knockers Brewery is right off Main Street and is full of unique brews. Nowhere else will you find an Imperial Nut Brown Ale, a Cocoa Porter Winter Warmer or the Oak Butthead Bock.

Breweries rock even if you aren’t a beer fanatic. I know I am no connoisseur because I asked what an IPA is. “Indian Pale Ale, sweet heart. We also have root beer, a strawberry cream, orange cream and almond cream soda.”

As I kicked back with a homemade almond cream soda I stated to wonder who this Tommy is. Did he knock something down; someone out or maybe loved knock knock jokes? Turns out the English came up with the catchy name when they fled to Idaho Springs in the 1800’s to mine for gold. They created a tale about tiny elves that lived in the mines and named them Tommy Knockers. They were rarely seen, but often heard.

Some of these mysterious elves dumped over lunch pails and hid mining tools, but the nice ones knocked from the inside of walls to show miners where they would strike it rich. Even the not so nice ones are seen in a good light because their mischievousness saved miners from sliding rocks and dangerous situation.

Luck is all around this place. The first gold discovered in Colorado was found just steps away from the brewpub. The next time you need some good fortune you know where to go knocking. 

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