Total Chaos Paintball

My strategy to stay in the paintball game was simple: hide out in the corner until the ref called the match. I popped my head up like an amateur at one point to scan the field for scenic purposes. POP! Before I could take it in I was pounded with a bright orange splat on my mask. I shot back to the floor. I left the field with only two less paintballs than I started with, leaving my barrel with 198 colored capsules.

The next game I met a fellow chica who told me to stick with her and we would be victorious. Victories are enticing so when she charged I followed. Our plan of attack was just to go for it with confidence. Maybe I had too much because after this game my gun was tapped out. I was starting to feel more comfortable. Games range from single elimination, capture the flag and can last from seconds to hours.

This much fun can be found at Total Chaos Paintball. The owner made the course from an old warehouse. It can be competitive and most wont hold back to take you down. So don’t just pop up out of the blue…like someone I know. You are also padded up so don’t just scurry into the corner.

In case you are looking for a little history…paint balling started all the way back in the 1970’s. Paintballs were first used as a tool for marking trees and livestock. A couple of guys saw the fun in the equipment and set up the first game. Now it has expanded to a competitive and brutal sport if you are brave enough to charge!

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