East Moon Bistro, Fort Collins

Whoever says you can’t play with your food…I have news for you! That’s absolutely a myth. East Moon Bistro in Fort Collins, CO stirs up the fun. The personalities of the chefs are full of all the right ingredients. Our group sat at a hibachi table large enough to seat all 13 of us. The table shapes allow you to have a view of everyone so when the cook starts pulling out the tricks, you won’t miss a beat.

The fun started with our chef streamling sake into our mouths across the table. We were just like the egg that was simmering on the grill…all cracking up.  Everyone at the table has a chance at glory by seeing if they can catch a piece of chicken in their mouth that the chef tosses high in the air. The hooting and hollering coming from our table attracted quite the audience. The chefs are the one with the extreme talent. They juggle different utensils and can even catch an egg in their chef hats without even cracking it.  Watching this crew cook with such energy and pizzazz makes this a unique interactive restaurant experience that draws in the whole gang.

The food is plentiful…choose form lobster, steak, filet, chicken, scallops or vegetables. It’s all cooked right in front of you and accompanied with salad, soup and fried rice. The interior of the restaurant is retro and classy. It’s just one of those places you feel good being and of course it helps to have so much fun.

To have your chance at glory visit:

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