The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

The Georgia Aquarium has a new reason for veteran visitors to come back, and newbie visitors something to add to the experience. The Dolphin Show combines

actors, music and lights, to make a Broadway type show. See these animals perform all the tricks that make them so lovable and watch in awe as they whip around the tank at lightning speeds.

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest, holding more than 10 million gallons of water, making a home for thousands of animals. A tunnel under the main tank and a moving walkway allows a unique way to see whale sharks, manta rays and grouper.

This aquarium is the only place outside of Asia to house whale sharks. The sharks were purchased under Taiwan’s annual fishing fill quota, which has since been abolished. If the Georgia Aquarium didn’t purchase them they would have been killed. The sharks and several other animals were flown here in specially designed cases all the way from Taiwan.

You can also see Beluga whales, hammerhead sharks, electric fish and bottlenose dolphins. Or look straight into the eyes of a penguin by crawling through a tunnel that leads to an encased tube looking into their habitat.

Whether visiting for the first or adding to the many times The Georgia Aquarium reinvents itself to give everyone to come back. 

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