CNN Studio Tour, Atlanta Georgia

CNN has set the standard of many aspects in TV news. The network was the first to offer news programming 24 hours a day. When the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986, killing the seven on board, CNN was the only broadcast news organization to cover it. They set the trend for live news when in 1986 a child fell down a well in Texas. CNN didn’t wait for this story to conclude, they told it as it was happening. During the 9/11 attacks CNN was the first to break the news and just hours later confirmed it was the result of terrorism. This is a serious network and having the chance to tour the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is not an opportunity that should be passed up.

The tour starts by taking a ride up the world’s fastest freestanding escalator. That’s just a party favor though, the real fun starts when you see behind some of the greatest moments in news history.

Take a seat inside the control room theater and hear directors talking with reporters and other crew members during a live broadcast. Stand in front of a green screen and learn how special effects are created. Look into the bustling newsroom and see the roles behind the scenes. You will also take a look into studios and the talent at work.

To get your anchor read on visit :

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