Royal Gorge Rafting

Any daring rafter prefers to take on the water during the high season. That’s when rapids are fully charged and the current races at its fastest speed. When the season changes from high to low, water looses some of it’s power but if you take on the adventure with Royal Gorge Rafting you would never notice a change seasons. These rafting guides make rafting in any condition an absolute jam.

With “crazy” tricks it’s possible to get the wildest ride you can handle. If you want a relaxed ride you got it, but if you want to push the bounds the guides are ready to give you your money’s worth. Our adventure started by high-siding against a massive rock, forcing us to jump ship into the water. (On purpose J ) Next up we surfed the turf. With this move, no boards are necessary, just a guide that knows how to coach. We paddled our hearts out upstream, riding the rapids on the way back down. Cliff jumping was next on the agenda. All the rafts pull in to a landing spot and anyone can cash in on the fun and make their splash.

The guides are energetic and lively, knowledgeable and trusting.  A lot of history went down in the Royal Gorge Canyon and we were informed of it. Everything from the gold-mining, the remnants of the old water pipeline, and all about the Royal Gorge Bridge were explained. Before hitting the water there is a throurgh safety speech. Most of us were fish straight out of the water when it came to paddling, but with the right coaching we were soon a team in unison.

Royal Gorge Rafting is a company that knows how to bring the rush into rafting through the entire season.

Choose from 1/2 days to full days either through the 1200 foot walls of the Royal Gorge Canyon, or through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon where your chances are high to spot wildlife.

To book your trip on the rapids visit:

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