Turner Field in Atlanta Georgia

So you’re not a Braves fan? Fair enough, we all have our home team, but if you are a baseball fan in the least there is something to appreciate about this team, once called the Bravos.

For one it is the oldest continuously run franchise. The team was started in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings. After some name changes, one even being the Boston Beaneaters, the Boston Braves were born in 1914. The team became known as America’s team and the name Braves has stuck ever since, even when the team moved to Milwaukee in 1947 and then to Atlanta in 1995.

This team has had a long time to rack up a history and has seen their share of excellent players. Hank Aaron shattered Babe Ruth’s home record run in 1974. In the 1990’s the Braves won the world series five times. From 1991-2005 the team really garnered attention after winning division titles 14 consecutive times.

Plus, the stadium is super tricked out. Turner Filed was originally built as Centennial Olympic Stadium to serve as the centerpiece of the Olympic Games in 1996. After a multimillion-dollar renovation it became the new home of the Braves the next year. The old stadium across the street is now a parking lot. To fit ballpark standard’s the field went from 85,000 seats to 49,000. The video display cost 10 million dollars, the most expensive video display in the MLB.

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This baseball field even incorporates a museum, perfect planning in the event of a rain delay. More than 600 Braves artifacts and photographs are on display that traces the history since the beginning. Plus, an old train car the team travelled in before air travel became the norm.

Baseball is America’s favorite past time and a look into Turner Field shows you there are no sings that’s changing.


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