Coke World in Atlanta Georgia

Truth or Dare? I dare you to find someone who has not ever even taken a sip of a coca-cola. You may not be a soda pop junkie but chances are you have also tried some other coke flavors. Cherry? Vanilla? Lemon? What about mixing java and pop and coming up with coffee coke? There is even the option of going caffeine or calorie free.

Of course the classic remains just plain old coca-cola and it’s become a pop culture icon around the world. This pop even has it’s own “Coke World,” and it can be the center of your universe in Atlanta, Georgia. Here it’s more than just soda. Check out age old antiques and coke collector items like the original coke delivery truck from Argentina. The slower-motion bottling line shows off the process from liquid all the way till the cap is screwed on tight.

Coke was ahead of the game from the start of the company in 1886. To make sure everyone could try a sample, coupons were passed out for free samples. Most of those people turned around cash in hand to buy a full bottle.

But don’t think you can walk away with the recipe, the original formula is held in a vault in SunTrust Bank. And the recipe is good to some they protested when Coke announced a “new coke” recipe would take out the old one. The response was so heated coke didn’t follow through.

The word of Coca-Cola has spread to just about every single country. The company makes over 500 beverages, but the names become more retro as you travel overseas. Look for retro names like Aquarius, Bevi, Fruitonic, Joya and Rosalta. You can even get in on the taste. There are over 60 samples from every continent. Let me leave you with one last dare, and that is to try Beverly flavor 😉 (With an open mind).

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