Cableland Mansion

He was an undefeated golden gloves boxer, part owner of the L.A. Kings and L.A. Lakers and a naval fighter pilot. But none of the above made the name Bill Daniels so familiar with so many. Cable magnate Bill Daniels owned and operated hundreds of TV cable systems. A trip inside his former mansion “Cableland” will give you insight into his life and also make you wonder if he adored elephants more than he did TV.

Two larger than life bronze elephant statues still shack in his mansion. Turns out, someone gave him a miniature elephant as a gift and it’s trunk points to the skies, which is supposedly good luck. Wanting to soak up all the good fortune, Daniels used the mini statue as a paperweight. Down the road business partners and colleagues assumed the paperweight symbolized Daniels devotion to the Republican Party. This led to a rush of more elephant themed gifts. With a good sense of humor Daniels decorated his home with the huge bronze elephant statues.

These animals must feel on top of the world, as they are still the main centerpieces in the exquisite home that is in the same neighborhood as the Shangri-La Mansion. Daniels bought the houses surrounding him so he could build sprawl his even further.

Because of his philanthropic character Daniels donated his mansion to the City and County of Denver. It became the new pad for the mayor starting in 2000. I don’t know what’s better: a heated driveway that means no more shoveling or waterfalls cascading into the giant pool. The grand entry boasts the original decor and rosy colors that are characteristic of the time. Beyond the pink is Daniels personal lounge complete with an ice cream bar, a fireman pole leading from his bedroom to the theater, and even a resistance swimming pool. And of course a TV viewing wall filled with 64 screens so Daniels could keep an eye on his kingdom.

The space is now used by non-profits as an event space; It’s 24,000 square feet, with 14 bedrooms and is outfitted with custom designed furniture.  Over 18 million dollars has been raised in this mansion. Just another right-on idea by Daniels. He has clearly left his trunk pointing to the skies.

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