Serious Texas BBQ

When you walk into the restaurant ‘Serious Texas BBQ’ you may think you need to leave your smiles at the door. But one bite into this BBQ and it’s all you can do to put that smile right back on.  One of the locations is in Loveland, CO. This city is not exactly a renowned BBQ pit stop but Serious Texas BBQ is not holding back when it comes to bringing on the good stuff.

The menu is simple with plenty of options.  There is a choice for every appetite…choose a quarter, half or full pound of beef brisket, pulled pork, pork loin, Texas sausage or turkey. Or you can stack it into a sandwich but either way make sure you spice it up with homemade sauces. The original barbecue sauce can be found in re purposed tequila bottles on the tables. In the mood for something a little sweeter? Reach for the cherry chipotle sauce. Or maybe something with a little more twang? Try the pineapple jalapeno sauce. If you are really serious about Texas BBQ…save room and try all three.

Plenty of homemade sides accompany the BBQ…coleslaw, beans, potato salad and cheesy potatoes. The real treat is the Texas Taco. Stacks of BBQ of your liking with onions, jalapeños and cheesy potatoes wrapped in a tortilla. Hold on tight!

Serious Texas BBQ is located in an open field surrounded with views of the mountains that are best seen from the outdoor patio. If you time it right you will see the sunset…or rise…who said you can’t have BBQ for breakfast? The craftsmanship inside the restaurant shows off the skills of the workers. Rustic walls filled with plenty of authentic décor bring on the homemade touch. It really is a BBQ haven.

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