Space Center, Houston

It was perfect timing to head to head to Space Center Houston with the major changes NASA is undergoing. The space shuttle era is up for NASA, but of course much more is to come from this space facility. For fifty-three years NASA has been leading America into space.

The part that impressed me the most was riding the tram to the Training Center and to See the Saturn V. Looking over the plexy glass to where astronauts and engineers prepare for some of the most daring and exhilarating flights was something even adults get excited about! The Saturn V was meant to be the Apllo19 mission but a lack of funding kept it from taking off. It’s now housed at the NASA facilities. So large walls had to be built up around it. A separate tram will even take you to the mission control facility. This is where all activity on board the spacecraft is managed and space shuttle missions are directed.

There is plenty to do at the visitor center as well. The Star ship Gallery displays artifacts from space like moon rocks and space capsules. A show commences regularly to take audience members through a day in the life of space and teach you facts you may have forgotten since 5th grade science class. Astronauts generally work out at least two and a half hours a day to maintain their muscle mass. Biking and lifting weights are the most common form of exercise.

Exhibits are always updating and showcase what’s most current for NASA.

Space is untouchable to most but the technology gained in these missions has helped medicine, energy, transportation, agriculture electronics and many other fields of study. 

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