Houston Walking Tours

What better way to discover Houston than with an expert guide and a drink in your hand? Sandra Lord has been leading a multitude of tours for over twenty years in Houston that are her by her own design and sprinkle in her own research. One is the historic pub-crawl. Participant’s experience nightlife and learning about the history, which seems to bean amaretto sweet combo.

The tour meets in the lobby of the historic Lancaster Hotel, Houston’s first luxurious boutique hotel. And talk about keeping such a sweet treasure in the family…it’s still owned and operated by family members related to the original developer. From here you will head on to more landmarks, pubs and bars. The Rice Hotel, now the Rice Lofts, was once of Houston’s most distinguished landmarks. It sit’s where the former Capitol building was when Houston was the Republic of Texas. It’s a pride thing! And something this hotel can certainly boast is having the first air-conditioned room in 1922. That would be worth the travel from any corner of Texas.

Plenty more landmarks await as you situate yourself in the skyline of the city.

And if you can’t make this tour there are plenty more. Sandra Lord has done her research and isn’t scared to even dive into the underground. She will take you in the Downtown Houston Tunnel System. Or choose the Ghost-Hunt Lock-In at the historic Spaghetti Warehouse where ghosts might even cross your path. It’s clear she’s the Lord of knowledge and isn’t afraid to share it.

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