Sam Adams Brewery, Boston

Brewery tours seem to become, well brewery tours. You learn the four main ingredients, water, barley, yeast and hops…already your thoughts too have hopped to the final step, the sampling. But first you must learn how the ingredients mix to make beer. Starting with the mash tuns that crush the malt. All of a sudden the other brewery tours you have taken whirl into the picture because all mash tuns look like the same huge silver tanks.  Even though the making is much the same the stories always change.

The story of Sam Adams starts all the way back in 1870’s when the first beers started cooking.  Jim Koch’s great great grandfather made several recipes that were stowed away during prohibition. Many years later, Jim had a feeling it was time to dust them off.

Jim launched Sam Adams when mass-market brews ruled. He was the underdog but didn’t let that stop his resilient attitude to start the craft beer movement. After recreating his favorite recipe and naming it Samuel Adams Boston Lager he started selling. Within three years Jim acquired enough to open up a brewery in Boston, the Boston Beer Company. With the growth came more flavors, Boston Ale, Cream Stout and Double Bock.

Now the beer is sold in all 50 states and 20 countries. What started as a dated recipe card has evolved into the largest craft brewery in the United States.

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