North End, Boston, MA

It would be hard to find a place with as much genuine charm as the North End in Boston. The historic roots here go all the way back to 1630, making this Boston’s oldest residential community. But it’s more than just residences here—there are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes to keep this place bustling.

There are over 100 restaurants, mostly, of which are Italian, in the one square mile of the historic district. The North End houses much of the city’s Italian-American population. Italians have definitely left the biggest mark on the area but was also a big place for Irish and Jewish populations.

This area encompasses history as deep as the water in the Boston Harbor that surrounds it. Here’s an interesting fact—the height limit of building was 55 feet. How’s that for some architectural character? The limit was made sothe spire of the Old North Church would always reach the highest.

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