Mike’s Pastry, Boston, MA

If there is a line outside a pastry shop it’s just makes it more enticing. Even though you must wait you know you won’t be let down until the sugar rush lets up. And Mike’s Pastry not so modest portions make the wait worth it. The family owned business has only has one location in Boston on Hanover Street, but I dream about one in Denver. Mike is the man behind it and has studied baking for over 50 years around the world and Italy. He must have gotten straight A-s. Order anything off the menu and you too should agree this guy was on the honor roll of cannolis. EVERTYTHING is made fresh daily, including that cream! Mike even hand selects ingredients like honey and cinnamon sticks. Inside you can find Cannoli’s of all sorts of flavors. Chocolate, cheesecake, lemon, Oreo, chocolate chip, or just original. There are also Italian pastries, biscotti’s, cakes, cookies, pies, Boston cream pies, whoopee pies (you won’t want to sit on these). If you are looking something that looks healthy I would suggest the marzipan—made of almond paste that is molded into apples, carrots and pineapples. If you are in the streets of Boston, or the airport you will loose count of how many people you track carrying the blue and white pastry boxes. They are tied with string on top—mainly to inhibit theft, I think! 

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  1. #1 by Karen Avery on August 15, 2011 - 5:34 pm

    So, this is ironic. One of my first dates with Rich was to go to Mike’s Pastries in the North End! We met in college… Super fun to see the pictures!

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