Friendly Toast, Boston, MA

The Friendly Toast is somewhere that is so funky fresh you come as a newbie and leave as a regular. The first restaurant opened in Portsmouth New Hampshire about 17 years ago with such success it only made sense to double the fun. The second location popped up in Cambridge, MA. The long lines and those eagerly waiting show this restaurant is just plain hip.

The walls scream green and plenty of vintage décor hang from them. The owner says she started collecting the goods when she was 15 years old. Now it decks out a restaurant making it anything but ordinary. Most of the rest of the decorations come from second hand shops like Salvation Army.

As for the food, it’s fair to say anything goes. Order a stack of griddlecakes and a mojito, why not? Or maybe a mojito milkshake—that would be vanilla, mint and limejuice. Wait! As the menu says, don’t think, just try it. Another item (s) to try—the pancakes. We are talkin’ pumpkin, coconut or have the royal treatment with the King Cakes. These are topped with bananas, chocolate chips, and peanut butter and whip cream. Well dang! There is nothing unfriendly about that! 

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