Federal Reserve Bank Denver

The fun keeps stacking up at the Denver Branch of the Federal Reserve. Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the money museum and learned that with a reservation you could see areas that are normally off limits, like the cash processing area.
Loads of money are dropped off here nearly everyday. Close to 1,300,000 bills are sorted through by machines spiffy enough to tell which notes are counterfeit and which ones are too ragged to be in circulation. If counterfeit they are sent to the secret service for investigation. If they are not holding up they are shredded on the spot and later recycled.
The recycling factor is something the FRB can boast about. In 1996 the Denver Branch became the first to recycle 100 % of its currency shred. A1 Organics recycles close to 4 million bills a day. They compost the shred at their facility in Golden. After composting the product is sent to commercial landscapers, nurseries and parks. So money may not grow on trees but it sure does surround them.

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