Canvas & Corkscrews

Lets just say I thought my artistic genius lacked genius.  I tried looking for it on many occasions and always seemed to come up empty handed! I gave Canvas & Corkscrews a try to see if my genius was hiding anywhere.  I thought if you put a paint brush in my hand and paired it with a blank canvas the end result would be awkwardly odd scribbles. I lack the grace and flow and splash of artists I admire. But after this art party I learned that I could actually paint legibly.

All classes at Canvas & Corkscrew are led by an expert instructor. The theme of the night was “Starry Night.” I started to stare into the stars, bright blues and friendly stars and my mind was whirling like the swirls in the picture. You see, I couldn’t decide where to start. Luckily, the instructor takes you step by step.  Phew, I had step one checked off—paint the background a solid royal blue.

By the end of the night I had my own “Starry Night” and it was completely mine. So I signed my name “Carri” and dotted the letters with polka-dots. Walking around the class it is so neat to see all the artistic minds develop paintings that are in a way the same but like a snowflake no two are alike. And they mimic the personality of the person painting.

Classes are held on Wednesday through Saturday and all have a different theme. All materials are provided (even an apron so let loose!) Class prices are $35.00.

Check out the website and you too will find that creative genius that may just need a little guidance.

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