Metro Dash, Denver

Obstacle course races are gaining ground. It has been nearly every weekend there has been an obstacle course race of some sort in Colorado. This past weekend Metro Dash turned up the heat in the Mile High. The niche for this race is that it is the most compact. There are 30 obstacles back to back. You will be left panting for breath and no time to catch it.
Elites can race the course in about seven minutes, while most average about 15 minutes. The course time does not reflect the difficulty. It’s about efficiency and is designed by former Navy Seals. Serious stuff.
I scoped out the race and didn’t see any major challenges, I thought. The first obstacle was a ladder climb. This was not a typical ladder, this one swirled to the left and right and back to the left. The next challenge was pulling a weighted sled toward us, and if that was not enough we had to push it back. Only 28 more to go! Climbing cargo nets, box jumps, monkey bars and hurdles were all part of the package.
This is clearly a race that tests balance, strength , power, speed and endurance. When you sling a weighted sand bag on your back and sprint you feel like you are training and in the zone. Your focus is no where but on the grueling tasks in front of you. You will come face to face with your limits physically and mentally.

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