Warrior Dash- New England

Warriors attack New England! This was the first annual Warrior Dash here and it didn’t go smoothly. But that’s a good thing! Warrior Dash Races are quickly making a name for themselves as some of the best adventure races out there. It’s the mud, obstacles and adrenaline that bring out thousands of participants.  And of course the warrior hat.
This course in Amesbury, MA seemed straightforward. You are told it is 3.02 miles and you will come across 12 obstacles. Everything from pulling yourself up and over warrior walls, taking turns in tunnels and even launching yourself over a warrior fire—hot dog! But there was a twist to this race that even race directors could not control. Rain, Rain, Rain on dirt trails made the ENTIRE run one big muddy mess. This is a  challenge you will find no where else and have the camaraderie of fellow warriors.
From the start at Hell’s hill it was muddy going up, even muddier going down and I may have even got mud in my nose! The mud thickens more when the  ground flattens and it feels like quick sand taking you down. But no warriors out there let that happen!  I pawed myself out of the jungle to see a row of obstacles!
One of the most thrilling was the muddy slide at the end—unplanned but good thing the race directors did not limit the fun and decided to roll us on down. Hoses shot water full blast making this one slick slope. I plopped down and decided to take the ride. There was turning back though in the case- you will spin out of control! But you will be declared a WARRIOR! OOHHRAAA!

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